Monday 26 October 2020
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Publish Date: 31 July 2020 - 22:11
TEHRAN (Press TV) - Iran’s customs office (IRICA) says exports of rose to the Netherlands, where the flowers are auctioned for resale to other countries, have continued unabated despite growing restrictions imposed across Europe over the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.
IRICA spokesman Rouhollah Latifi said on Thursday that Iran’s exports of rose flowers to the Netherlands had topped five metric tons in the three months ending June 20.
Latifi said total value of flowers and other horticulture products shipped from Iran to other countries in the first three months of the calendar year had reached more than $5.3 million.
He said Iraq, Vietnam, the Netherlands and Armenia were main buyers of Iranian flowers over the period.
However, the official regretted that Iran, a major producer of flowers in the world with an output of more than 300 billion items each year, has yet to gain its real share in the global market.
"We are the 17th biggest producer of flower and related plants in the world but when it comes to the exports, we are placed in the 107th position,” said Latifi, adding that Iran can generate around $200 million in annual revenues from flower exports at the current output capacity.
Experts believe that a gradual easing of restrictions imposed over the pandemic on weddings and funerals across Europe could help boost Iran’s trade of flowers to countries like the Netherlands.
Latifi said high freight costs have always hindered Iran’s plans to increase flower exports to Europe. That comes as those costs have further increased in recent months because of the impacts of the pandemic on airline traffic around the world.

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