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Publish Date: 13 July 2020 - 22:36

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
The Aal-e Khalifa minority regime, if it had any commonsense, would have by now apologized to the people of Bahrain for its crimes against humanity, freed prisoners of conscience, and handed over power to the masses, before boarding the US 5th Fleet anchored off the coast of Manama to sail towards a new home, either in the New World or in Britain.
It is obvious that the tyrannical Khalifas – originally pirates from the Khor Abdullah waterway between Basra and Kuwait who had seized Bahrain at a time when Iran was passing through one of its weak phases in history – are brainless crooks without the least humanitarian sentiments or values.
This was fully evident on Monday, July 13, when two more Bahraini freedom activists who had earlier been sentenced to death by a kangaroo court, found the unjust verdict against them upheld by the regime’s apex court, which rejected their appeals that confessions were extracted from them in 2014 under severe torture.
Mohammad Ramadhan and Hussein Moosa may have lost their final bid to escape execution and sooner or later would be facing a firing squad for their alleged involvement in the death of a policeman who died in a bomb blast.
They have nothing to fear if their faith is intact, since God will reward them with the bliss of paradise, while the people of Bahrain will commemorate them as martyrs for having inspired the popular movement for freedom from injustice one fine day.  
As a matter of fact, no one expected justice from the Aal-e Khalifa regime that openly dallies with the illegal Zionist entity, backstabs the oppressed Palestinian people, and brutally deprives many Bahrainis of their basic birthrights by revoking their citizenship and declaring them stateless persons.
The regime, however, on the assumption that its policy of imprisonment, torture, and killing of people peacefully demanding their democratic rights might prolong its reign of terror, ignored the appeal for clemency from its own backers in Britain in the case of these two hapless youths, who were denied the service of defence lawyers.  
This shows the extent of its idiocy when the writing is clear on the wall and the day is fast approaching when the Khalifas would be lynched like rabid dogs by the Muslim revolutionaries of Bahrain.
Ramadhan gave a glimpse of atrocities in prison, when he said: "The torture, beating and insults wouldn’t stop, even as I was answering their questions… and when I told them about my back pain, they lay me on my stomach and hit me on my back.”
Moosa for his part, said: "They (the regime’s prison guards) were kicking me on my reproductive organs... repeatedly in the same place until I couldn’t speak from the pain.”
According to Seyyed Ahmed al-Wadaei, the director of advocacy at the Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy: "Today’s verdict is yet another dark stain in the struggle for human rights in Bahrain… This horrendous injustice could not have happened without the tacit acceptance of Bahrain’s western allies.”
Would such an anti-human regime survive for long? What justification do the US and the UK have to support this inhuman regime?
The answers are obvious. What is happening in Bahrain – similar to the events in Palestine and Yemen – is a struggle between the forces of good and evil. For the time being, there smiles in London, Washington, and Tel Aviv that the Aal-e Khalifa are doing the devil’s job to suppress the popular uprising.
The status quo, however, will not last long. Given the growing awareness in the Bahraini youths that peaceful protests bring no result, the only solution to them now is taking up arms. When they finally do so, Bahrain and the Persian Gulf will Insha Allah become free from the yoke of western imperialism,

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