Thursday 13 August 2020
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Publish Date: 07 July 2020 - 22:27

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

   The plight of the world’s most persecuted people continues to get worse by the day as no one not even the human rights bodies or the refugee and relief agencies of the United Nations seem to care for them.
The industrialized powers of West Europe and North America have scant regard for the sufferings of the Rohingya Muslims, while the superrich Arab regimes, which are busy filling the coffers of their masters in Washington and London with hundreds of billions of petro-dollars, cannot spare a few million to redress the plight of their persecuted co-religionists.
In fact, the unrepresentative and miserably rich regimes in Riyadh and Abu Dhabi, which are involved in the almost daily killings of fellow Arabs in Yemen, Libya, Syria, Palestine, Bahrain, and the indigenous Shi’a Muslims of Eastern Arabia, seem to be happy that the Myanmar junta, coupled with the spread of the Coronavirus, is doing a fine job in the genocide of the Rohingyas.
As a result, the world’s worst persecuted people, whether the million-plus cramped in unhealthy refugee camps in Bangladesh’s Cox Bazar, whether those still living in fear in their Burmese occupied homeland, or whether those drifting on the high seas as unwanted elements off the coasts of Malaysia and Indonesia, have resigned themselves to their fate of death and destruction.
This is indeed the crime of the century, especially in the modern world of superfast travel, satellites, and the Internet, where the minutest thing is not missed and no one can claim ignorance of what is happening to the Rohingya.
Ever since a so-called a citizenship law in 1982 stripped the Rohingya Muslims of their nationality in their own motherland Rakhine where they have been living for over a millennium, the world’s largest stateless community has not seen peace or civilized life.
In other words, 38 years of genocide and displacement mean two generations of Rohingya Muslims have been deprived of access to education, employment, and all other amenities of life.
The UN admits that the Myanmar regime is openly indulging in ethnic cleansing as satellite images confirm the razing of hundreds of villages and the scenes of indiscriminate killing, including that of the children and the elderly, while victims speak of torture, rape, looting and destruction.
The World Body, however, is either powerless or unwilling to pressure the Myanmar regime into accountability for its crimes against humanity.
The Rohingyas want justice. They want those who committed the crimes against them to be held accountable, but no one seems to be interested in redressing their worsening plight.  
Even Myanmar’s de facto leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, whom the western media describes as ‘embodiment of democracy’ has not just forsaken the Rohingyas, but actually supported the military junta’s genocide against them.
It was not for no reason that the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, last year called her the "most cruel woman”.
It is time for the conscientious people of the world to get together and start a serious campaign for helping the world’s worst persecuted people, or else there is no future for the Rohingya people.

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