Sunday 31 May 2020
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Publish Date: 20 May 2020 - 22:02

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

The US, or more properly the inefficient administration of Donald Trump, seems to be at its wit’s end, whether in running the country or in dealing with international issues.
With the fatality toll of the Coronavirus pandemic fast approaching the hundred thousand mark and those affected numbering over 1.5 million, Trump and his team of terrorists are busy bungling foreign policy issues.
The latest fiasco was the coup in Caracas that badly failed in Venezuela, a country which continues to bear the burden of US sanctions, but stands firmly against such lawlessness, thanks to the support of the masses for the elected government of President Nicolas Maduro.
The confessions by the captured mercenaries, most of whom are US nationals, have further exposed the murderous policies of Washington whose bet on the losing horse, Juan Guaido, to take power in Latin America’s oil-rich country has further disgraced Trump.
According to reports, Guaido, who is deputy from Vargas in the National Assembly of Venezuela, but likes to call himself ‘acting president’ of the country with US support, has already packed up his bags for fleeing the country.
At the moment his exact whereabouts are not known, and it is being said that he is hiding in the embassy of a European country following the failed coup, since the people, including those that had initially backed him, are angry at his attempts to betray the country.
All this is proof of the popular appeal of President Maduro, who is confident of weathering the economic storm, with the support of friendly countries, such as Russia and the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Tehran, as part of its friendship with the people of Venezuela, has dispatched several super tankers loaded with fuel and other petroleum products to help Caracas overcome the illegal sanctions imposed by Washington.
The US has threatened to resort to piracy against the Iranian ships which are operating in accordance with international laws and the UN Charter. Iran has made it clear that any act of lawlessness will bring a swift and devastating response, given the illegal presence of the intruding US navy in the region – the Persian Gulf, the Gulf of Oman, the Red Sea, and the Indian Ocean.
Iran, which is also the target of Washington’s economic terrorism, but has turned challenges into opportunities to defeat them, is fully committed to its international responsibilities to help nations in distress.
If there were any wisdom in the White House, it would not have entered into so many international confrontations with the free world. It is obvious that the US is unable to sabotage China, or for that reason, Russia, Iran or other strong independent countries.
This is the reason that Trump and his team of terrorists have zeroed in on Venezuela on the assumption that the North Americans could be tigers in their own backyard – an assumption that was shattered to pieces in the recent coup attempt in Caracas.
The real reason for the repeated US attempts in Venezuela is the untapped wealth of a country that holds the world’s largest oil reserves, estimated to be around 297 billion barrels.
It would, however, be naïve if not self-destructive for the US to persist with its harebrained policies to plunder the wealth of other countries which are becoming more determined to deflate the inflated muscles of Uncle Sam, as was evident by Washington’s umpteenth failure in Venezuela.

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