Monday 25 May 2020
News ID: 78792
Publish Date: 19 May 2020 - 22:37

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

It is obvious that the illegal US presence in our region is on its last legs, and sooner than later we will be seeing the mass fleeing of all CENTCOM terrorists.
Crimes against humanity never pay, neither do acts of lawlessness endear the outlaws to the people they seek to dominate, nor can terrorism overawe forever the oppressed masses.
Washington might claim to have Afghanistan under its belt for the past 19 years, or point out to its uninvited military activities in Syria and Iraq, or for that matter brag about its ‘friendship’ with the unrepresentative rulers who willingly serve as milk cows, in addition to giving its forces several supposedly strategic bases.
A closer look, however, reveals that the CENTCOM terrorists are living on borrowed time, and in view of the hatred they have created in the hearts of the regional people against anything deemed American, their end is nigh.
In other words, so deep is the resentment of the people of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Bahrain, and the whole of Arabia, if the Americans are not wise enough to leave the region and return intact to the US, they will be made to leave in body bags.
This is no exaggeration or wishful thinking. It is a fast approaching fact about to unfold whether Washington likes it or not.
The other day, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution referred to this reality when he said with conviction and confidence that soon the American forces will be expelled from the region.
Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei rightly pointed out that most of the world intensely hates the US because of its criminal actions that include "warmongering, backing notorious regimes, promoting terrorism, supporting oppression, and the like.”
He didn’t mince words when he explicitly said: "Of course, the Americans cannot stay for long in Iraq or Syria, and they will be expelled.”
Whatever way Washington were to interpret his remarks, one thing is sure, the US which has no right to base its troops anywhere in the region, will not be spared of the consequences of its evil actions.
The people of the region definitely have the power to confront and drive out the CENTCOM terrorists, who are not invincible despite their so-called military might, and once the people’s patience, which is already running thin, snaps, all hell will break loose on the Americans.
Today, the miserable conditions in Afghanistan, the war in Yemen, the plight of the Palestinian people, the mayhem in Syria, the political instability in Iraq, the financial crisis in Lebanon, the genocide in Bahrain, the Saudi sedition in Arabia, the dictatorship in Egypt, and the killing fields of Libya, are all because of the US.
These crimes against humanity will not go unanswered, and Washington will have to pay dearly for its terrorism.
Once, the people of the region decide to rise against US hegemony, the Islamic Republic of Iran, as the prime victim of American lawlessness for the past four decades will certainly help the Muslim masses to end once and for all the presence of the CENTCOM terrorists in the entire region.

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