Wednesday 12 August 2020
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Publish Date: 14 February 2020 - 23:16

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

The region and the regional countries need peace, trust and reciprocal respect for each other’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity, rather than tensions or skirmishes fueled by their common enemies.
The sooner these realities are realized by countries distrustful of each other in our neighbourhood, mainly because of foreign meddling, the better for national and Islamic interests.
The urgency of de-escalation of a crisis that may spiral out of control any moment with destructive consequences for the region is no more evident than in the case of Turkey and Syria, which the U.S. – the archenemy of both the neighbouring Muslim countries – is trying to fuel in the interests of the illegal Zionist entity.
The recent statements of sympathy by senior American officials for Turkish troops killed in Syria’s terrorist-occupied Idlib province and expression of support for Ankara’s interference in the affairs of its neighbour, are nothing but sheer hypocrisy.
Without the least doubt the U.S. regime is a roguish, criminal, and terrorist clique with deep hatred for both President Bashar al-Assad of Syria and President Rajab Tayyeb Erdoghan of Turkey, and wants to see both of them embroiled in a perpetual conflict.
The government in Damascus had long realized this reality when terrorists of all hue and colour were unleashed upon Syria from all directions by the U.S. and its clients 9 years ago to destabilize the country and turn it into a Takfiristan.
President Assad, accordingly, had requested help from Iran and Russia to drive out these macabrely murderous devils in human form who, are now on their last legs in parts of Idlib.
President Erdoghan who has logical concerns of terrorists operating against Turkey from across its borders in parts of Syria, initially sent his armed forces a few years ago to the terrorist-infested areas outside the control of the Syrian government, in order keep them away from its borders.
To defuse the crisis and to work out a solution to the volatile situation, exacerbated by the illegal presence of U.S. terrorist troops, tripartite talks have been in progress for the past few years involving Turkey, Iran, and Russia.
Recently, for the first time in several years, senior foreign ministry officials of Syria and Turkey also met, encouraging hopes for a peaceful solution to a complicated crisis.
The government in Damascus, which has every right to reclaim its terrorist-occupied territories, has now mounted a determined attack to drive out these murderous agents of the criminal U.S., but unfortunately, in the process some Turkish soldiers, caught in a crossfire, were killed and injured.
Diplomacy could have defused the tension-charged situation, but it seems, Ankara instead of heeding the calls from well-wishers to withdraw its forces now that the Syrian forces are rightfully reclaiming their occupied territories, provided some sort of support to the terrorists to kill and injure Syrian soldiers.
This has naturally perturbed the government in Damascus, whose victories in Idlib has made racist Israel launch unprovoked aerial attacks on Syrian soil to distract attention from Idlib.
The Islamic Republic of Iran, which has offered its mediation services to bring Syria and Turkey to the negotiating table, believes that it is still not too late for the presidents of the two countries to take courageous steps in the interests of their two countries, as well as in the interests of Muslims and Islam, instead of exchanging military threats.
The moment President Erdoghan realizes that his greatest enemy and that of the whole Turkish Muslim nation is the criminal U.S., terrorists will definitely be driven out of Idlib and peace will return to the region.
Syria and Turkey, which had zero problems before the terrorists streamed into Syria, should now come together to form a solid block, along with Iraq, Lebanon, and Iran, in the interests of the Islamic Ummah and the cherished goal of liberation of Palestine and Islam’s first Qibla, Bayt al-Moqaddas.
The U.S. is afraid of this eventuality, and is thus indulging in hypocrisy, along with European member states of NATO, with expression of false sympathies for Turkey, in order to worsen the situation.
Turkey is a strong Muslim state and definitely does not need NATO. It should now take the bold step of closing the Incirlik airbase, and show the exit door to all Americans, whose very presence anywhere in our region is detrimental to peace, security, welfare and coordinated development.   

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