Friday 18 September 2020
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Publish Date: 12 February 2020 - 22:26
By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

Despite the intensity of U.S. pressures and unabated attempts to sabotage the economy, Venezuela’s legal government stands like a solid rock against the traitors that Trump the terrorist is trying to prop up as opposition to President Nicolas Maduro.
On Tuesday when Juan Guaido, the rebellious leader of the National Assembly who likes to call himself the acting president although he wields no executive power, returned to Caracas, after visiting the U.S. and some West European states, he was lucky to be whisked away in an SUV, as people at the airport, vociferously shouted: "Get out dirty traitor”.
Even the staff of Venezuela’s national airline, Conviasa, strongly protested his arrival, calling him "Fascist Guaido”. One airline worker sprayed him with soda to the embarrassment of his few supporters, who escorted him out.
The 36-year old Guaido, who upon orders from Donald Trump declared himself Venezuela’s acting president in January 2019, has failed to rally the people to his side in spite of over a year of rowdy scenes on the streets by paid protestors, who flee the moment the security forces appear.
Maduro who is president for the past 7 years following the death of the famed Hugo Chavez in March 2013, won the general elections in late 2018 for his second term as president. Because of his independent policies and refusal to kowtow to the U.S., he has become the target of the devilish designs of Washington.
The U.S., which late last year masterminded the ouster of Evo Morales through a coup in Bolivia, is planning to overthrow the independent and freedom loving elected rulers of Latin American countries.
As in the case of Iraq and Lebanon, where the U.S. is using paid protestors to cause disturbances against the legal governments, it has resorted to this same tactics in most Central and South American countries.
In Venezuela, Washington has failed to make a dent in the resolve of the masses supporting Maduro, who in obvious reference to Guaido’s return, called on citizens to focus on "defending Venezuela instead of being distracted by stupidities, by dummies, by traitors to the homeland.”
The armed forces are also firmly behind the legal government and are defenders of the legacy of the Late Chavez, who was a thorn in Washington’s side, and a firm advocate that Latin America should not allow the U.S. to wield hegemony over its member states.
Oil-rich Venezuela is under the illegal sanctions, or more properly the economic terrorism of the U.S., which means Guaido’s embrace of the criminal Trump during his White House meeting with the U.S., has made him deeply unpopular.
The only thing deterring Trump and his team of terrorists from military action against Venezuela and its elected government, is President Maduro’s strong ties with Russia’s President Vladmir Putin, coupled with the presence of Russian troops.
Moscow is determined that Caracas remains with the free world and will not be subjected to American hegemony, and this is the reason the economic help from Russia has been vital in the smooth functioning of Venezuela, which also has strong friendly ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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