Friday 28 February 2020
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Publish Date: 19 January 2020 - 22:18

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

In a clumsy response to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution’s memorable Friday Prayer Sermons in which the terrorist U.S. president was dubbed a buffoon whose claim of standing beside the Iranian people only betrays his intent to stab them in the heart with venomous daggers, Donald Trump, the cowardly killer of the iconic anti-terrorist general, Qassem Soleimani, has shown himself to be a real dullard, terrified of the greatness of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
The utterly incompetent and absolutely immoral Trump, who already impeached by the House of Representatives for treason and perjury is facing prospects of an ignominious exit from the White House if the Senate approves the impeachment, threatened more of his illegal sanctions and ‘possible military action’ against Iran that shows him far removed from ground realities which on January 8 shattered the myth of U.S. invincibility by Iran’s devastating missile barrage on Ain al-Asad.
Then came the tweet that proved Trump is living in a fool’s paradise when he claimed ‘the Iranian people love America’, ‘the government has led them toward ruin’, ‘it should abandon terror and Make Iran Great Again!’
Nothing could be far from the truth, and now we better understand why the leader of North Korea had famously called Trump "a dotard”.
For the information of Trump and his criminal clique, if the Iranian people had loved America, they would not have volunteered to turn out in hundreds of thousands to defend with their lifeblood the Islamic Republic on which the U.S. had imposed the 8-year war in the 1980s through Saddam of the repressive Ba’th minority regime of Baghdad.
If Iranians were ‘traitors’ – as Trump really means to say when he claims that they love America – scores of millions of Iranians wouldn’t have been displaying with frequency their solidarity and support of the leadership by chanting for the past four decades "Death to the U.S.”, while trampling the U.S, flag and making a bonfire of it, along with the effigies of successive U.S, presidents.
If the government has led Iran toward ruin, Trump and similar blockheads in the U.S. media and amongst the American politicians, should comfortably watch from their rocking chairs with glee the self-destruction of the Islamic Republic, rather than resort to sanctions, economic terrorism, cultural onslaught, military threats, media propaganda, funding of terrorist groups, etc., all of which have failed.
If Iran is a sponsor of terrorism, as the harebrained Americans claim, then it would have been flooding not just the neighbouring countries but also Europe and North America with terrorists, instead of saving the people and governments of the region – including Christians – from the macabrely murderous terrorists armed and funded by the U.S., the Zionists, and the unrepresentative reactionary regimes to slaughter even innocent children and destroy the heritage of humanity,
As for Trump’s theatrical tweet "Make Iran Great Again”, which he actually means returning Iran to the tutelage of the U.S. by abandoning the country’s dignity, culture, faith, independence, sovereignty, and integrity – as was the case during the British-installed and American-supported despotic Pahlavi regime – for a terrorist who frequently boasts of "America’s beautiful weapons”, what could be further proof of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s greatness than its missiles that had downed the sophisticated American drone over its southern region last July and now shattered the technologically advanced Ain al-Asad base in Iraq.
Yes, without the least doubt, after almost two centuries of decline and domination by western powers during the Qajarid and Pahlavi eras, the Islamic Republic has made Iran Great Again by restoring its independence, safeguarding its culture, strengthening its religious faith, improving its defence technology rather than buy from abroad, and mastering all fields of modern science, such as the nuclear fuel cycle, stem cells, aerospace, medicine, industry, and so on, in addition to gradually making it less and less dependent on oil.
In the Second 40-year phase of Islamic Revolution which has started, Iran will indeed be greater than ever before, while the bones of Trump will have turned into dust, and neither any trace of Israel on the world map nor of a hegemonic power called the United States of America.

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