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Publish Date: 11 December 2019 - 21:49
TEHRAN (FNA) -- Tehran’s Ambassador to Moscow Mehdi Sanayee said both the Iranian and Russian nations can get closer to each other by expanding their media cooperation and exchanges.
"Iranians and Russians still need more understanding of each other and media cooperation will be useful in this regard,” Sanayee said on Monday, addressing Iran-Russia media committee meeting.
The Iranian ambassador to Russia noted that Tehran and Moscow are still working on further expanding of bilateral relations, and said, "Various committees have been formed in different fields over the last few years to achieve these objectives.”
Despite the fact that Iran and Russia enjoy good governmental relations, it is still necessary to develop ties between the two countries’ non-governmental organizations (NGOs), Sanayee added.
The second meeting of Iran-Russia Media Cooperation Committee was held on Monday in Moscow in the presence of Sanayee, deputy minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance along with a number of media representatives in both countries.
The two sides discussed the achievements of the agreements reached in the first meeting of the Media Cooperation Committee.

In a relevant development in late June, Sanayee stressed the high importance of cooperation between Tehran and Moscow in international arrangements and developments.
"Cooperation between Iran and Russia is effective in the new regional and international arrangements and the new global order will be influenced by the two countries’ cooperation,” Sanayee said in Russia, addressing the 3rd round of specialized talks between Iran and Russia.
"I believe that the ‘East’ policy will be strengthened in the world and international developments will move ahead in a way that importance of cooperation between Iran and Russia will increase,” he added.
In relevant remarks in January, Sanayee said that Tehran-Moscow ties became stronger and bilateral relations increased after the two countries saw common interests in regional and international developments.

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