Tuesday 04 August 2020
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Publish Date: 09 December 2019 - 21:46

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

"Old habits die hard” — this proverb is used when it is difficult to stop doing things that one has been doing for a long time.
Once again, the illegal Zionist entity has dared to make new threats against the Islamic Republic of Iran. The series of threats were made by Naftali Bennett, the Israeli minister of war and by Israel Katz, who is in charge for the foreign affairs of Israel.
The devilish duo has threatened to shower Tehran with hundreds of Tomahawk missiles.
It is amazing that a spurious entity, which is nothing but a house of glass that could be shattered to pieces, is throwing stones at a citadel of solid stone.
It is nothing but a bluff and ought to be dismissed as the buzzing of a mosquito, whose irritating sound only invites a firm clasping of the hands to end its precarious existence.
In other words, the Islamic Republic of Iran view these frenzied utterances from visibly shaken Zionist zombies as an indication of Israel’s weakness and a bid to deflect attention from the crises and predicaments facing its ringleaders, such as the corruption charges against "Crime Minister” Benjamin Netanyahu.
Katz seems to be completely out of his mind when he says Israel is likely to team up with its Wahhabi cousins and possibly with emirate of Abu Dhabi to attack Iran.
He seems unaware that Saudi Arabia or any other Arab reactionary regime, even if they intensely hate Islamic Iran, will not risk suicide, and will prefer to see the end of Israel, rather than partnering it.
As Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Seyyed Abbas Musavi, has aptly warned, one wrong move will swiftly bring the curtain down on Israel.
As for the Zionist bid to drag the US into a senseless conflict with Iran, it should be pointed out that despite being pro-Israel, there are politicians and decision-makers in Washington who do not want to trap their country into another Vietnam, or a fate worse than that.
Israel should know that Iran and Syria share fraternal and friendly ties for the security of the region, and such foolish comments from the Zionist zombies that they would turn Syria into Iran’s Vietnam, neither indicate Tel Aviv’s intention to attack Syria, nor to enter into a war that would badly boomerang upon it.
In short, Israel is advised to count its days towards the approaching end and look for safe havens for the Zionists somewhere in Europe or North America, since the countdown has begun and the hour is fast approaching that only the original Jews would be living in Palestine and not any of those illegal settlers from Eastern Europe.

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