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Publish Date: 06 December 2019 - 22:02

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

 Similar to the news blackout by the Western and Arab media of the 20-million Arba’een gathering in Holy Karbala a couple of months ago, when millions of Iraqi Muslims while paying tribute to Imam Husain (AS), heartily welcomed millions of pilgrims from all over the world, especially their brethren-in-faith from neighbouring Iran, the massive rallies in Baghdad in support of the religious and political authorities on Thursday and Friday at Tahrir Square which became emptied of the hundreds of sedition-mongering hoodlums that had been occupying it with the backing of the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia, have been ignored by the so-called international media.
     The vociferous chants of God’s Majesty (Allah-o Akbar) by the gathering composed of Iraqis of all walks of life, including ulema, tribesmen, students, employees and businessmen, carrying portraits of Grand Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Sistani, and placards reading "Death to the US”, Death to Israel”, and Death to the Saudis” was a firm slap on the faces of the meddlers who over the past weeks had tried in vain to create anarchy and give an-anti Islamic and anti-Iranian colour to the rioting by a few hundred agents of Global Arrogance indulging in vandalism, including attacks on government buildings, tearing of the portraits of religious authorities, and torching of the Iranian consulate in holy Najaf.
    From the outset it was clear that the seditious riots which claimed the lives of scores of people were not the work of the Iraqi people loyal to the legitimate authorities, and appreciative of fraternal ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran – always the friend in need of the Iraqi people.
    Moreover, the conspicuous absence of banners inscribed with the words "Ya Ali”, Ya Zahra, "Ya Hussain”, "Ya Abbas”, and "Ya Mahdi”, in honour of the Immaculate Household of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA), for which every true blue Iraqi aspires, whether Shi’a or Sunni, whether Arab or Kurd, during the riots of the seditionists who had draped themselves in the Iraqi flag to deceive onlookers, were clear indications that these remnants of the despicable Ba’thists and the Takfiri terrorists, were anti-nationalists trying to create anarchy on the orders of their masters abroad by attempting to bring down the national government.
    Thanks to the foresight of Grand Ayatollah Sistani the efforts of the enemies of Iraq have failed, and hopefully in the next few days consensus will be reached on naming a new prime minister, following the resignation of the incumbent Adel-Abdul Mahdi – in obedience to the advice of the religious authorities in Najaf, and definitely not to the demands of the rioters, after only a year in office.
     The Islamic Republic of Iran, as the fraternal and friendly neighbour of Iraq, will continue to support the aspirations of the Iraqi people who from now onwards will be firmly present on the scene, and help them strengthen their independence by never allowing any of their avowed enemies (Americans, Israelis, Saudis, etc.) to put up a puppet of Global Arrogance in Baghdad.
     The Iraqi Muslim people are not the inheritors of any ancient Mesopotamian tyrant like Nebuchadnezzar, neither of the medieval usurpers the Abbasids, and not of a modern day megalomaniac like Saddam – let alone simpletons to be deceived by the Wahhabi clique of a spurious and soon-to-be-vanished fiefdom called Saudi Arabia, which used to back the Ba’thists in their genocide of the Shi’as and Kurds, and recently failed in their bid to turn Iraq into a Takfiristan.
    They have a date with destiny and as followers of the Prophets of God and the Infallible Imams, whose shrines serve as beacons of guidance for them, they anxiously await the day of the reappearance of Prophet Muhammad’s (SAWA) 12th and Last Heir, Imam Mahdi (AS) and his global government of peace, prosperity and justice.
    In the meantime, Iran and the Iranian Muslim people, which are also the targets of Global Arrogance and have soundly defeated their devilish designs at every turn – as borne out by the recent massive million-strong rallies in support of the Islamic Republic system – will spare no efforts to coordinate with their Iraqi brethren.

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