Tuesday 04 August 2020
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Publish Date: 04 December 2019 - 22:05
TEHRAN (Dispatches) –Director General of Pars Energy Special Economic Zone Ahmad Pourheidar said on Wednesday that the Export of Iran’s petrochemical products from South Pars Gas Field have indicated a 39 percent growth in the Iranian month of Aban (from Oct. 21 to Nov. 22), as Iran experiences the toughest ever oil sanctions.
Pourheidar said, "Tthe export of non-oil products from Customs Office of Pars Energy Special Economic Zone is on the verge of growth in a way that more than $500 million worth of non-oil products was exported from the country in Iranian month of Aban (Oct. 21 – Nov. 22), showing a 39 and five percent growth in terms of weight and value respectively.”
Although many restrictions were imposed against the Iran in the field of shipping, insurance of vessels and oil tankers, all these cases could not prevent growth of non-oil exports especially petrochemical products, he said.
Pourheidar said the export of 1,626,458 tons of products from this zone in the same period and added, "These export products include methanol, propane, butane, light and heavy polyethylene, ammonia, sulfur, styrene, crude oil, etc.”
He put the value of these products exported from the country in the said period at more than $574,665,754.
These products were exported to the other countries including People’s Republic of China, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), South Korea, India, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Turkey, Egypt, Kuwait, etc.

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