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Publish Date: 19 November 2019 - 22:02

TEHRAN (MNA) – For the first time in the country, a knowledge-based company managed to produce nano calcium carbonate (CaCO3) on industrial scale. This material has many applications such as in producing anticancer drugs.
Chief Executive of this knowledge-based company, Razeghi Khosravieh has said that "nano calcium carbonate is a highly-used nanoparticle in the world which is used in various fields such as making semi-transparent polymers transparent, and enhancing physical and mechanical properties of different types of tires and plastics.”
In addition, nano CaCO3 is applied in medical industries as the raw material for artificial prosthesis, anticancer drugs, etc.
It is for the first time that this material has been produced in industrial scale by the domestic experts of this knowledge-based company in the Middle East region, he added.
Turning to the export of this knowledge-based product, Khosravieh stated, "Presently, we have focused on familiarizing domestic companies with the properties of this product. After obtaining international standards, these materials will be exported to European countries.”
Powder of nano calcium carbonate is imported into the country from countries such as China, Austria and Spain, he stressed.
All stages for the production of this material, ranging from designing, simulating to manufacturing relevant equipment, have been carried out by the experts of this company, he emphasized.

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