Thursday 09 July 2020
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Publish Date: 17 November 2019 - 22:14

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

A criminal always defends criminals and their unpardonable crimes against nations.
That was the message of Donald Trump’s pardoning of US army officers involved in war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq.
The White House said in a statement last Friday that the US President granted full pardons to First Lieutenant Clint Lorance and Major Mathew Golsteyn, and ordered that the rank Edward Gallagher held before he was convicted in a military trial this year be restored.
For us in the Islamic Republic of Iran this is not surprising when we recall the criminal action of President George Bush Sr. in awarding in 1990 the cowardly captain of the USS Vincennes the ‘Legion of Merit’ decoration for his act of unpardonable terrorism on July 3 1989, in shooting down in Iran’s territorial waters an Iran Air passenger plane with 290 persons on board, including 66 children, on its regular 4-days a week flight from Bandar Abbas to Dubai.
For the past forty years, Iran is the victim of Washington’s crimes and various acts of terrorism. The latest in this regard are the criminal statements of support uttered last Saturday by Donald the Dotard and his gangster-like Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for vandals and urban terrorists who torched banks, busses, private cars, shops, and public property in some Iranian towns and cities, by infiltrating the peaceful public protests on petroleum hike.
Our enemies are indeed a bunch of crazy criminals who in their hatred of Iran, cannot differentiate between the masses and the miscreants.
As a matter of fact, crimes and terrorism are ingrained in the nature of the US, beginning with the genocide of the native Amerindians in the 19th century, followed by the enslavement of the black people brought in chains from Africa.
On the international scene, the Americans whose savagery horrified the people of Europe in World War First, committed more war crimes during World War 2 than the German Nazis or for that matter the Japanese imperialist army in Southeast Asia.
This is borne out not just by the criminal atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as a field test upon civilians and urban centres when the war was almost over with Japanese troops on full retreat from all fronts, but by the brutal bombing of Dresden, Berlin, Hamburg, Potsdam, and other Germany cities that resulted in the killing of almost half-a-million civilians.
Waves upon waves of US bombers reduced many German cities to virtual debris, and when the American ground forces advanced towards Berlin, Dresden etc., there were mass massacres, coupled with wide scale rape of German women.
Yet, the victorious allied powers hailed the savage American soldiers as liberators of Europe by totally whitewashing their crimes against humanity. Not a single Yankee faced accusations, let alone trial or punishment for war crimes.
In Northern Korea in 1950, the US war crimes pounded almost seventy percent of towns and cities, killing over a million men, women, and children, for no apparent fault, and remained scot free.
Vietnam is a living example of American war crimes, where the internationally banned chemical weapons were used to bomb towns, cities and farmlands. There were mass massacres of villagers by the frustrated US soldiers unable to break the heroic resistance of the Vietcong. Besides, thousands of children were born as a result of the systematic rape of Vietnamese women by the criminal Yankees.
If there was justice, the soldiers and commanders, along with the US presidents and their cabinets should have faced war crime charges and punished, but nothing of this sort happened.
Afghanistan happens to be a hapless country where US soldiers have continued to commit war crimes at will, and the two pardoned last Friday by Trump the Chief Terrorist, were mere examples of Washington’s mockery of international laws.
In Iraq, over a million people were killed, either directly or indirectly, by the US occupation forces and their agents. Then there is the mayhem carried out in Iraq by the Daesh terrorists, which were armed and encouraged by the Americans.
In Syria, the illegal presence of American troops is proof of war crimes as well as the destruction of towns and cities, coupled with the death of some half-a-million people and the displacement of millions of others. For the past 8 years, Washington has destabilized Syria through dangerously armed terrorist outfits which have used chemical weapons as well.
The list of US terrorism and crimes against humanity is long, and includes the 5-year Saudi war in Yemen, but the most glaring proof of Washington’s war crimes is the illegal Zionist entity, which is engaged in genocide against the Palestinians.

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