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Publish Date: 13 November 2019 - 21:28
Vice-President Sattari in China:
TEHRAN (Dispatches) -- Chen Rugui, the mayor of the Chinese city of Shenzhen, says his country welcomes any scientific and technological cooperation with Iran.
He made the remarks in a meeting with Iran’s Vice-President for Science and Technology Sorena Sattari who arrived in China on Tuesday at the head of a delegation upon an official invitation by the Chinese Minister of Science and Technology.
Sattari was greeted by the mayor of Shenzhen on the first day of his trip to the city which is a scientific hub of the country.
Referring to existing scientific and technological capacities of the city, Chen said Shenzhen has a prominent position in terms of export volume, especially in the field of engineering services.
He further praised Iran’s resistance in the face of U.S. sanctions, saying China is also struggling with sanctions, but "we have mobilized all our political, economic, and technological capabilities to defeat them”.
Sattari hailed Shenzhen as an innovative and intelligent city, saying "In Iran, we are also pursuing innovation and are on the path, and with the help of young and creative people in our country, the growth of innovation is expanding every day.”
Iran, he said, has turned into an innovative country. Of the 80 million population of Iran, 33 million are young people aged between 20 to 40 who are at the forefront of change and innovation, he added.
"Moreover, 90% of Iranians are internet users. Thus, we can claim that half of the Internet users in the Middle East are Iranian, and this has led to the Persian language becoming the ninth language on the Internet,” Sattari said.
The Iranian vice president also said sanctions have strengthened the domestic production capacity in Iran so that 98% of pharmaceuticals are manufactured domestically. Additionally, the largest number of startups in several fields is in Iran, he added.
China’s technological development, Sattari said, is a model for Iran. Iran, he said, is pursuing an ecosystem of innovation and technology to have an oil-free economy.
Sattari predicted that many tech companies will soon overtake oil and steel companies in Iran and make a significant contribution to the economy.

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