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Publish Date: 12 November 2019 - 21:41

LONDON (Reuters/AP) -- British opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said on Tuesday a large-scale cyber attack on his party’s digital platforms just weeks before a national election had made him nervous about the rest of the campaign.
"If this is a sign of things to come in this election, I feel very nervous about it all because a cyber attack against a political party in an election is suspicious and something one is very worried about,” he said when asked by a reporter about the attack during a campaign event.
Corbyn said the party was looking into who might have been behind the attack.
Hillary Clinton said she’s "dumbfounded” that the UK government has failed to release a report on alleged Russian influence in British politics before the country holds a national election next month.
The former U.S. presidential candidate told British media that the public needs to know what is in the report by Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee before British voters go to the polls on Dec. 12.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government has said it needs more time to review the security implications of the report before it is released. Critics allege the report is being withheld until after the election because it is embarrassing to Johnson’s Conservative Party, which is trying to win a majority and push through Johnson’s Brexit plan to take Britain out of the European Union.
"I’m dumbfounded that this government won’t release the report ... because every person who votes in this country deserves to see that report before your election happens,” Clinton told the BBC on Tuesday. "There is no doubt ... that Russia in particular is determined to try to shape the politics of Western democracies, not to our benefit but to theirs.”
Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into the 2016 U.S. presidential election found that Russia interfered in the vote in a "sweeping and systemic” fashion. U.S. President Donald Trump, who won office in that vote, has dismissed the Mueller report’s conclusions, but the investigation put Russia into the crosshairs of a debate on the integrity of elections worldwide.
 "I am, as a great admirer of Britain, concerned, because I can’t make sense of what is happening,” Clinton told the Guardian.  

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