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Publish Date: 10 November 2019 - 22:01

AMMAN (Dispatches) – King Abdullah II of Jordan has announced the official termination of an agreement which leases part of Jordan’s land to the Zionist regime.
The king made the announcement at the opening of the fourth ordinary session of the 18th parliament.
"Jordan’s full sovereignty is imposed as of today (Sunday) on each inch of these lands,” the king said.
In October 2018, Jordan officially informed the Zionist regime of its decision not to renew the agreement that leases part of its land to the regime.
Also last year, the king said Jordan will terminate the regime’s "annexation” of Baqoura and Ghumar areas under the Jordan-Israel treaty in 1994.
In the 1994 treaty between the regime and Jordan, Jordan agreed to let the Zionist regime lease the two areas for 25 years but has the right not to renew the land lease.
However, the Zionist regime’s military contradicted Amman’s announcement that a Jordanian enclave allowed to be used by Zionist farmers will be returned to Jordanian jurisdiction, saying the lease agreement has been extended until next April, although with new restrictions.
"In continuation of the deliberation on the diplomatic arrangements in the Tzofar enclave, security forces are protecting the area and working together with the community,” the Zionist regime’s army said in a press statement cited by the Times of Israel, using the Hebrew name for the territory of Ghumar.
"The farmers’ work in the enclave is continuing subject to agreements and coordination,” the statement added.
Also on Sunday, Ynetnews reported that the Jordan Valley sites had been declared a "closed military zone” .
The military did not elaborate on the terms and conditions of the lease agreement extension.

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