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Publish Date: 08 November 2019 - 21:51

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

The so-called deal worked out in Riyadh between factions that fought bloody battles for control of the strategic port city of Aden on the Bab al-Mandeb (Gateway of Tears), pointed to the sad fact that southern Yemen is under foreign occupation and no longer sovereign Yemeni territory where Yemenis decide their own fate.
It is a place where tears continue to flow incessantly from the eyes of people pounded by warlords in the service of the aggressors and the al-Qa’eda terrorists trying to exploit the absence of law and order for firming their foothold in the south.  
Mansour Hadi, the fugitive from justice who plunged the country into a catastrophic civil war that has so far claimed a hundred thousand fatalities and opened the doors of invasion for Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and some of their comrades-in-crimes against the Yemeni people, is being charged with treason by his own tribes whose economy he destroyed and whose lives he made miserable by opposing the legitimate Ansarallah-administered government in Sana’a.
He lives comfortably in Saudi Arabia while the Yemeni people suffer, starve, sacrifice their lives, and are struck by war-related epidemic diseases.
His latest photo on Thursday of holding hands with the notorious murderers of the people of Yemen, that is, Saudi Arabia’s MBS (Mohamed bin Salman) and UAE’s MBZ (Mohamed bin Zayed), has become a target of shoe attacks in Aden and other parts of the south.
He is seen as nothing more than a Saudi stooge, while his rival Aidarus az-Zubaidi who leads the so-called Southern Transitional Council (STC), is viewed by the Yemeni people as a dyed-in-the-wool Emirati agent.
So there is nothing for the Yemenis of the south to gain from this much trumpeted truce in Aden except to slavishly serve the interests of Riyadh and Abu Dhabi, ironically against their own people, particularly the futile and self-defeatist attempts to prolong the unwarranted war with the popular Ansarallah Movement.
In other words, the desert-dwellers of the oil-rich parts of Arabian Peninsula seem to have succeeded in misusing their newfound wealth to not just impose themselves upon a nation famed throughout history for its civilizations, culture, urban centres, agriculture, irrigation system, and economy, but also to bomb to bits the whole infrastructure.
The aggressors did this to their fellow Muslim Arabs at the behest of the enemies of Islam, such as the U.S. Britain, and the illegal Zionist entity.
This treachery has not gone unnoticed, even though voices are suppressed by the media horns of the West. There are reports of several tribes in Ma’rib and the south, either switching sides or willing to join the Ansarallah, which is seen as the sole alternative for preservation off the national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Yemen, with its indomitable defence of the country through its heroic fighters and well as through the daily improving missile and drone attacks on the industrial and military installations of the aggressors in retaliation for their war crimes.
In short, salvation lies in a united country and not a land divided against itself.

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