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Publish Date: 08 November 2019 - 21:47

WASHINGTON (Dispatches) – The Zionist regime is reportedly seeking to ink a non-aggression treaty and economic cooperation agreement with Persian Gulf Arab countries at the White House as a step towards normalizing bilateral ties.
The Middle East Eye (MEE) news portal, citing a report by Israel's Channel 12 television network, said on Wednesday that the initiative is being championed by the occupying regime’s foreign minister Israel Katz.
According to the report, Katz had presented the plan to former U.S. special envoy for the Middle East Jason Greenblatt and told American officials during talks that "the goal is to sign an agreement [with Persian Gulf states] on the White House lawn, during [US President Donald] Trump’s current administration."
U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin had also hailed the initiative as "excellent," the report said.
The plan, it added, aims at "developing friendships and cooperation ties” between the Zionist regime and Persian Gulf Arab countries and obliges them to "take effective measures" against any incitement, "acts of wars, threats or hostility."
The signatories to the treaty are also required to "refrain from joining, promoting or assisting a coalition, organization or an alliance of military or security nature, with a third party."
The MEE had several months ago quoted informed Saudi sources as saying that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is "seriously considering” setting up a "game-changing” Camp David-style summit meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, with Trump playing host.
In 1978, then Egyptian president Anwar Sadat shook hands with Zionist prime minister Menachim Begin in a meeting hosted by U.S. President Jimmy Carter at Camp David.
In a relevant report, the United Arab Emirates is expected to allow tourists holding the Zionist regime’s passports to take part in the Expo 2020, which the Persian Gulf state’s biggest and most luxurious city of Dubai is going to host for 173 days.
"Israeli and the UAE's authorities have been in talks for a while, in order to allow those with Israeli passports to attend the Expo in Dubai,” an unnamed source within the Expo's management team told Israeli daily newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth.
The source added, "These talks are happening because both sides want to see the Expo turn into the biggest exhibition in the world. The UAE invested tremendous amounts of money and thought into the event and they want Israelis to be welcomed as well.”
Another source said the Expo in Dubai could be a great pilot run during which Israeli tourists would be allowed into the country, and it turns out to be a step  the UAE "might leave its doors open to Israeli tourists permanently.”
Egypt became the first Arab state to recognize the Zionist regime and sign a peace treaty with the occupying regime.
In addition to Egypt, the Zionist regime has full diplomatic ties with Jordan, but latest reports suggest the occupying regime is working behind the scenes to establish formal contacts with other Arab countries.

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