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Publish Date: 12 October 2019 - 21:24

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

It seems all is not well in Comoros or the independent archipelago nation of the Indian Ocean that lies between the island state of Madagascar and Mozambique on the East African coast, and which is a corruption of the Arabic geographical term "Juzr al-Qamar” or the "Moon Islands”.
The former French colony of around a million people, which shot to world fame in 2006 with the end of military rule and the first ever democratic elections that saw Qom-educated Seyyed Ahmed Abdullah Sambi chosen as president, is now making a mockery of democracy.
Seyyed Sambi, who lost the 2011 elections and was subsequently deprived of any chances of staging a possible comeback in the hotly disputed elections of 2016 by former military ruler, Ghazali Osman, who now styles himself as president, has suddenly been placed under house arrest following his arrival in the capital Moroni from a trip to Paris, France in early October.
People are protesting at the gradual erosion of their rights in the three main islands of Comoros, also known as paradise on earth, but the ruling clique composed of persons in the service of former imperialist masters, seems to be consolidating its hold through poorly attended referendums that lack legitimacy.
There are serious concerns expressed by opposition forces and national figures in the Union of the Comoros for the life and health conditions of Seyyed Ahmed Sambi, who is a staunch supporter of the Resistant Front and the Palestinian cause.
The Iran-based World Ahl al-Bayt Assembly has denounced Sambi’s detention calling him "a patriotic and noble dignitary, who has spent his life serving his country, his people and the Islamic community, especially the Palestinian cause and the Axis of Resistance”.
The Assembly deplored "The ruthless, inhumane and illegal actions of the Comorian government, carried out through the silence of Western countries and so-called human rights defenders”.
It called on all Muslim scholars, religious institutions and human rights organizations and all freedom-seekers around the world to renew their solidarity with Seyyed Ahmed Sambi and voice their protests in order to declare their support for democracy and human rights and promote public freedom in that country.
Known as ‘Ayatollah’ in the media, because of his religious education in Holy Qom, Seyyed Sambi, who wears a green turban and Islamic robes, is of Yemeni stock from Hadhramaut. He is a descendant of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) through Ali al-Uraidh, a son of the Prophet’s 6th Infallible Heir, Imam Ja’far as-Sadeq (AS). Although a Sunni Muslim adhering to the Shafe’i schools of jurisprudence, he is without sectarian bias, enjoying cordial relations with the Shi’a Muslim minority of Comoros, as well as with the remnant white French- origins Christians of the Island state.  
It seems the imperialists, in league with the reactionary Arab regimes and Zionists, are seeking to disrupt the peace of Comoros, a multi ethnic archipelago, where citizens trace their ancestry to ancient Austronesians, Africans, Arabs, and Iranians.
The Persian connection is evident by the Shirazi people, also known as Mbwera locally, who as an ethnic group inhabit the Swahili coast of Africa and the nearby Indian Ocean islands. They are particularly concentrated on the islands of Zanzibar, Pemba and Comoros. Their origins are linked to Shiraz and the southwestern coastal region of Iran). The Shirazi are notable for helping spread Islam on the Swahili Coast, their role in the establishment of the local Arab-Swahili sultanates, and their influence in the development of the Swahili language.
Ghazali Osman has also forced Vice President Ja’far Ahmed Sai’d to flee to Tanzania, and seems to be acting on the orders of the Wahhabis and the Zionists.
It is earnestly hoped that peace and stability would return to Comoros and the rights of all citizens, including Seyyed Sambi, will be restored.

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