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Publish Date: 15 September 2019 - 22:11
AL-QUDS (Dispatches) – The Zionist regime’s cabinet said on Sunday that it has "approved" an outpost in the Jordan Valley in the occupied West Bank, two days before the regime’s parliamentary elections.
The decision was made during a special meeting of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's cabinet in the previously unauthorized outpost Mevo'ot Yeriho near the West Bank city of Ariha.
According to a statement issued by the Zionist prime minister's office, the cabinet voted to retroactively legalize the outpost.
Mevo'ot Yeriho was first established in 1999 with nowadays some 30 families living there.
Zionist settlement activity is deemed illegal by most world powers and under the international law, and considered one of the issues that hindered the talks between Palestinians and the Zionist regime.
Netanyahu is on a re-election campaign and such moves are sought by his right-wing base.
Last week, he announced a plan to annex the Jordan Valley and some of the Dead Sea settlements if he wins the Sept. 17 elections. The lands comprise together more than 22 percent of the West Bank.
The plan triggered international concerns, including the Palestinian Authority which said that such a move will effectively cancel the interim agreements in the 1990s.
Office of the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said that such steps, if implemented, "would constitute a serious violation of international law."

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