Friday 18 September 2020
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Publish Date: 10 September 2019 - 22:01
     Salaam dear young friends; we offer you our heartfelt condolences on the most tragic event in human history. After the passing of 1380 years since this heartrending tragedy, humanity continues to remember it. Every year the devotees of Ahl al-Bayt (AS) of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) gather in Mosques, Husainyahs, Takiyahs, Imam-Bargahs, Ashur-Khanas and Islamic centers to commemorate this sad event.
     When we speak about Imam Husain (AS), grief overcomes us. This is because of the Great Sacrifice he offered in Karbala beside the River Euphrates to save Islam, and in fact all humanitarian values. Nations rise and fall; countries emerge and disintegrate; governments form and collapse; boundaries change with the march of times, but one thing remains permanent. That is faith in the One and Only God, and for preserving this innate belief of humanity from the pollution of atheism and polytheism, it is the discourse of the immortal epic of Imam Husain (AS).  
     Our tears for Imam Husain (AS), his sons (18-year old Ali Akbar and 6-month infant Ali Asghar), his brothers (including the valiant standard-bearer Abu’l-Fazl al-Abbas), his nephews, and his steadfast companions, are not signs of sorrow, but proof of the inspiration we receive by contemplating on the magnitude of the tragedy of Karbala.
     Dear friends, in every age and place, people of conscience have been influenced by the Saga of Imam Husain (AS). His words: "If you do not have faith, at least by free persons in your worldly affairs”, continues to inspire millions. When threatened for refusing to acknowledge the libertine Yazid’s Godless rule, the Imam fearlessly said: I have been given two options humiliation or death, and never will I accept humiliation.
Other lessons which we can learn from the tragedy of Karbala:
* To be an open minded (thinking independently and being fair and just in one's judgments)
* Have a deeper understanding of death (death is for everyone and no soul can escape it. Death with dignity is preferable to a life of humiliation. Dying for the cause of Islam is martyrdom and a great honour).
* Always support the truth
* Never too late to repent
* Fidelity and loyalty
* Giving preference to the needs of others
* Patience in adversity
* Significance of Amr bil-Ma'roof (enjoining good and forbidding evil)
* Chastity and hijab, etc…
Imam Husain (AS) and his message of faith, freedom, human rights, justice, refusal to be bow before illegitimate power, continues to reverberate all over the Planet Earth, inspiring tens of millions including the non-Muslims.
Goodbye till next week, and God bless you all.

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