Tuesday 21 January 2020
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Publish Date: 13 August 2019 - 22:00
By:Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
The ongoing operations in Iraq against remnants of the macabrely murderous Takfiri terrorist outfits by the Iraqi army and the Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF or Hashd ash-Sha’bi) – sometimes jointly and sometimes separately – has once again made authorities in Baghdad realize how vital is the cooperation and coordination of these two main pillars of the Iraqi armed forces.
As a matter of fact, the PMF serve as a bulwark against all subversive activities and conspiracies against the elected government of Iraq and the Iraqi people, whose unity, independence, development, and healthy ties with the neighbours, is an eyesore for not just the sectarian terrorists or remnants of the repressive Ba’th minority regime, but for the oil-rich Arab regimes of the Persian Gulf and their godfathers in both Washington and Tel Aviv.
In other words, but for the vigilance of the Hashd ash-Sh’abi which can mobilize tens of thousands of dedicated Iraqi forces at a moment’s notice, the US would have long carried out a military coup through its agents in the army to overthrow the popularly elected government and replace it with some minority dictator in the mold of Saddam, supported by the Persian Gulf potentates.
That is the reason Uncle Sam has been pressuring Baghdad to disband or at least disarm the PMF, since it is also scared of the power of these people’s forces to drive out the CENTCOM terrorists from Iraqi soil.
A few weeks ago, a PMF official made it clear that the US soldiers in Iraq must withdraw or else face repercussions.
Mu’in al-Kazimi pointed out that Iraq has reached stability and does not need any American armed forces inside the country. He made it clear: "The attempt to expand and stay in Iraq by the US is unacceptable, coupled with the fact that they are making Iraq a danger to neighbouring countries.”
Issuing a stern warning to US President Donald Trump that his candidacy in the elections next year will be hurt the moment body-bags begin to fly home from Iraq, the PMF commander said: "On no account do the Iraqis tolerate the presence of militarized foreigners on their soil”
This is the general feeling among Iraqis of all strata of society, whether political blocs, religious groups, or ethnicities, all of whom vividly remember how the US has played with the fate of the people of the Land of the Two Rivers, first through Saddam and his wars against Iraq and Kuwait, secondly through direct occupation and massacres, thirdly through the Takfiri terrorists, and last but not the least through its Trojan Horses – such as the Saudis, who despite the bleak, black and bloody record of supporting Saddam’s reign of terror and the bid to convert Iraq into Takfiristan, have begun to fund certain groups, some so-called industrial projects and a few sports complexes, in a bid to fool certain segments of the society.
In view of these facts, the Hashd ash-Sha’bi is indispensable and should be further strengthened on the pattern of Lebanon’s legendary anti-terrorist movement, the Hezbollah, so as to guarantee the independence of Iraq, and to solidify the Resistance Front extending from Afghanistan to the Mediterranean Sea for the eventual liberation of Palestine and Islam’s former qibla, Bayt al-Moqaddas.
This would end for good the presence of CENTCOM terrorists throughout West Asia and restore peace and stability to the whole region.
Here we should laud the insight of Iraq’s senior most religious authority, Grand Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Sistani in forming the Hashd ash-Sha’bi and the prompt and wise decision of the Islamic Republic of Iran to provide the Iraqi brethren with invaluable military training and quality weapons that are superior to the armaments of the US and the Zionist entity.

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