Saturday 14 December 2019
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Publish Date: 20 July 2019 - 22:01
By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
Donald Trump is a preposterous liar. So shamelessly does the US president utter lie after lie that he has no consideration for the declining dignity of the post over which he presides by pretending to be the most powerful person in the world.
Trump also has no concern for the constantly crashing credibility of the United States of America, neither for the miserable fate awaiting him once he is no longer in office, nor for his eventual descent into the abysmal depths of the eternal inferno because of his desecration of the fundamental tenets of the Christian Bible which he claims to follow and which regards the uttering of lie as a cardinal sin.
"You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father, he was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him; whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” (Gospel of St. John 8:44)
Irrespective of the ten-thousand-odd documented lies of Donald Trump since becoming president in 2016, here we mention his latest lie pertaining to the crisis he has kicked up with the Islamic Republic.
Frustrated at the failure of his ludicrous lie of June 20 that he gave orders for an air strike on Iran following Iran’s decisive downing of the ‘RQ 4A Black Hawk’ – the US radar/missile evading most sophisticated and expensive high altitude spy drone which violated Iranian airspace – and then called off the supposed air strikes at the last moment on fears of loss of innocent life, he again glibly lied last Thursday by alleging:
"The USS amphibious assault ship ‘Boxer’ had to take defensive action in the international waters of the Strait of Hormuz and destroy an Iranian drone which despite warnings to stand down had come within a thousand yards with an intention to attack.”
No sooner had this habitual liar uttered his umpteenth lie of the past few days his words were exposed to the world as a set of laughable lies as Iran released a 7-minute video footage of its drone’s accurately monitoring of the movements of the "USS Boxer” and its support vessels before returning safely to base.
To quote General Abolfazl Shekari: "all Iranian drones in the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz, including the one which the US president mentions, are safely back at their bases after carrying out scheduled identification and control missions.”
To the embarrassment of Donald Trump and his team of thugs, Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Seyyed Abbas Araqhchi immediately tweeted: "We have not lost any drone in the Strait of Hormuz nor anywhere else. I am worried that the USS Boxer has shot down their own UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) by mistake!”
Even BBC in its analysis exposed the US president’s claim as possibly untrue when experts pointed out – that unlike Iran’s display of the wreckage of the Black Hawk retrieved from Iranian coastal waters, along with complete details – the "USS Boxer” has neither provided any particulars of the type of drone it claims to have shot down nor any of its wreckage or for that matter footage of the incident.”
Caught on the wrong foot, on Friday night Trump sheepishly said that what he had claimed a day earlier of the incident was fed to him by his National Security Advisor (bespectacled bozo, John Bolton) through unidentified Pentagon sources, which means the US president as usual had merely lied.
Analysts also dismiss Trump’s last month’s claim of concern for Iranian lives in cancelling his supposed order for attack, by pointing out that first and foremost the US president who is waging economic terrorism against Iran through sanctions after violating the international nuclear accord has no concern for human life.
Secondly, Trump and his administration, including the military brass, are in a state of shock and at a total loss to predict the decisive response from the Islamic Republic to any military misadventure, as has been forewarned by third parties aware of the defence capabilities of Iran.
Perhaps this was the reason the ‘Boxer’ boxed down one of its own drones in confusion or as a deliberate act of ‘friend fire’ in a vain bid to portray Iran as aggressive, in a region which is Iran’s own neighbourhood and where the real aggressors are the CENTCOM terrorists, who have so far sabotaged 6 oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman and have no right to be in this part of the world.
This means, lies, coupled with provocations by the un-Christian ‘dyed in the wool’ Zionist administration of the US, which includes such devilish elements as Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo, and John Bolton, will continue against the Islamic Republic of Iran, its peaceful IAEA-confirmed nuclear project, its highly efficient missile defence technology, and its allies in the region, but to no avail.
With faith in God Almighty, Iran which speaks the ultimate truth, will come out with flying colours and in a far stronger position from this latest episode in the 40-year long unabated hostility of the rapidly declining Great Satan. 

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