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Publish Date: 13 July 2019 - 21:37
TEHRAN (Dispatches) – Iran Mercantile Exchange (IME) on Saturday announced that over $452 million of various commodities weighting over 402,145 tons were traded in its domestic trading and exports halls in the past working week (July 5-11).
Over 73,206 tons of products with the total value of $97 million were traded in the metal and minerals hall of the IME in the past working week.  
The reports said, 65,314, tons of steel, 1,760 tons of copper, 2,560 tons of aluminum, 120 tons of molybdenum concentrates, 12 tons of precious metal concentrates as well as 40 tons of zinc ingot were traded by customers in the IME.
Also more than 327,943 tons of oil and petrochemical products, including 132,000 tons of bitumen, 36,000 tons of polymer products, 37,000 tons of VB, 19,000 tons of lube cut, 15,000 tons of chemical products, 790 tons of insulation, 1,010 tons of sulfur, 900 tons of slap wax and 30 tons of argon with the total value of $115mln were traded in the IME domestic and exports halls in the five working days of last week.
Also on domestic and export oil and petrochemical trading floors of IME, 327,943 tons of different commodities with the total value of $371 million were traded in the IME.
Moreover, 106,580 tons of VB feed stock, 108,826 tons of bitumen, 54,881 tons of polymer products, 27,869 tons of chemical products, 1,003 tons of insulation, 21,500 tons of lube cut oil, 5,000 tons of slaps waxes as well as 3,280 tons of sulfur were traded.
Furthermore, 996 tons of commodities were traded on the side market of IME.

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