Friday 22 November 2019
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Publish Date: 24 June 2019 - 21:43
TEHRAN (IFILM) -- ‘Qasr-e Shirin’ (Castle of Dreams) has bagged awards at the Shanghai International Film Festival.
The movie directed by Reza Mirkarimi, grabbed three awards at the 2019 edition of the festival.
The Best Actor Award of the event went to the movie’s star Hamed Behdad, and the director Reza Mirkarimi won the Best Director and the Golden Goblet prize for the film.
Also produced by Reza Mirkarimi, a brief synopsis for ‘Qasr-e Shirin’ reads, "Jalal Moradi, a 42-year-old father of two, kills a family in an accident. In the court of law, the murder is recognized as accidental killing without intent. After getting out of prison, he leaves his wife and kids and moves to another city. Two years later, he must go back to his home town as his wife is brain-dead.”
The starring role of the film has been portrayed by ifilm star of ‘Free Fall’ Hamed Behdad.
Also among the cast are Mohammad Asgari, Zhila Shahi, Akbar Ayin, Azadeh Nobahar, Mohammad Ashkanfar, Youna Tadayyon and Niyousha Alipour.
Founded in 1993, SIFF focuses on awards, markets, forums and film exhibitions so as to build an international platform, and promote the development of the Chinese film festival.
The 22nd edition of the festival was launched on June 15-24, 2019.

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