Wednesday 13 November 2019
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Publish Date: 19 June 2019 - 22:04

By:Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

Damascus has once again called on Washington to withdraw all its occupation forces from Syria, in an implicit warning that the government of President Bashar al-Assad will not be responsible for any possible injury or death that might befall US personnel mischievously assisting the terrorists in Idlib Province.
The Syrian army has already started the campaign to liberate the last remaining parts from the terrorists, and Tuesday’s call by Foreign Minister Walid Mu’allem in his meeting with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi, for withdrawal of all foreign forces "first and foremost the US and Turkish troops”, meant that most of the rebels were also not natives of Syria, but outside elements holding the native people hostage.
It is an open secret that over a hundred thousand terrorists from all over the world had crossed into Syria – and Iraq – from Turkey since the start in 2011 of the invasion financed by Persian Gulf Arab regimes and armed by the US, Britain, and the illegal Zionist regime.
It is clear that Turkey, whose troops have entered Syria uninvited and taken positions in the Kurdish parts on the pretext of preventing Turkish Kurds from starting unrest of their own against the government in Ankara, has been told by Damascus to withdraw, since the government of President Assad with whom President Rajab Tayyeb Erdoghan was once very friendly before being misled by the US and the reactionary Arab regimes, does not want any military clashes with its northern neighbour.
Turkey regrets having facilitated the terrorist inflow and has begun to understand the logic of Syria, especially in view of its close ties and cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran and Russia for diplomatic efforts to resolve the Syrian crisis.
All Ankara needs is a face saving exit at a time when the situation has become critical in the region because of American lawlessness and refusal to withdraw its occupation forces who are actively aiding the terrorists in Idlib and other parts – a factor that is likely to result in their return home in body bags.
Walid al-Mu’allem was very frank in his press conference and expressed gratitude to both Tehran and Moscow for their valuable support in helping crush the invasion and drive out the terrorists.
He minced no words when he said: "At the same time, I would like to once again thank Russia and Iran for assisting us in the fight against terrorism.”
It is now crystal clear that the Syrian government is in a strong position, and fully recognizes both friends and foes.
The reconstruction phase, after the extensive devastation of towns and cities caused by the terrorists, requires of hundreds of billions of dollars, which should be paid as ‘war reparations’ by the Persian Gulf regimes the financiers of terrorism.
Of course, Iran, Russia, and China, are all determined to help Syria once again stand on its feet by actively engaging in reconstruction projects, undeterred by US mischief and the unprovoked aerial attacks by the terroristic Zionist regime.
Israel should understand that they day may not be far when the patience of Syria will snap and the wrath of God begins to rain down on Occupied Palestine as Zionism meets its deserved fate, while the US, trapped in the quagmire of its own making, will not be able to guarantee the survival of the illegitimate brat.  

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