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Publish Date: 13 May 2019 - 21:46
By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

Why does the Wahhabi minority cult that rules British-created Saudi Arabia indulges in the genocide of Shi’a Muslims – as followers of the Jurisprudential School of the Ahl al-Bayt (Blessed Household) of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) are known – whether in Hijaz, in Najran, and in the eastern oil-rich province, or in the neighbouring states of Bahrain and Yemen, in addition to organized terrorism against them in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, the Caucasus and southeastern Iran?
The answer requires tracing the roots of the regime in Riyadh, which following last month’s brutal beheading of 37 mostly Shi’a Muslims, violated the sanctity of the fasting month of Ramadhan by gunning down at least 8 Shi’a Muslim youths in Qatif on trumped up charges of terrorist activities.
According to historical documents, the Saudi clan which emerged into the limelight of modern history from Najd in the closing years of the 18th century, is of Jewish origin, descended from Mordechai bin Ibrahim, a merchant of Basra, who on joining the Annizah Najdi tribe changed his name to Markhan bin Ibrahim.
The Saudis, under the guise of conversion to Islam, thrived on the un-Islamic practice of raiding Muslim caravans, and to legitimize their plunder and killing, they became members of a weird cult founded by British agent, Mohammad bin Abdul-Wahhab – also of Jewish origin – who held that that all Muslims, whether Sunni, Shi’a, or Sufi, were polytheists, except for his followers, and thus it is necessary to kill them and seize their properties.
After establishing the principality of Diriyah, some 12,000 Wahhabi hordes led by Abdul-Aziz bin Mohammad Aal-e Saud invaded Iraq in 1801 and sacked the city of Karbala, stripping the domes and minarets of the holy shrine of Imam Husain (AS) of its gold, and martyring up to 5,000 Shi’a Muslim men, women, and children.
Though Abdul-Aziz was killed in 1803 in his capital Diriyah by a Kurdish Muslim from Amarah, Iraq, who infiltrated Najd to avenge the sack of holy Karbala, his equally ungodly son, Saud, invaded and occupied the holy cities of Mecca and Medina in 1805, after desecrating the Prophet’s shrine, and killing thousands of Muslims.
This angered the Ottoman Sultan, who ordered Mohammad Ali Pasha of Egypt to land in Jeddah with an army and mount campaign for punishment of the Aal-e Saud, who by 1812 were made to flee Hijaz.
Mohammad Ali Pasha returned to Cairo, entrusting command of the joint Egyptian-Ottoman army to his son Ibrahim Pasha, who pushed into Najd, destroyed the Saudi capital Diriyah in 1818 and dispatched the ruler Abdullah ibn Saud to Istanbul in chains for trial and public execution for crimes against Islam and Muslims.
For almost a century, Arabia was free of the filthy presence of the Wahhabis, until the British, as part of their policy of weakening the Ottoman Empire, brought from Kuwait a certain Abdul-Aziz bin Abdur-Rahman of the Saudi clan and helped him seize Riyadh and subsequently the whole of Najd in 1912 from the Aal-Rasheed dynasty.
Soon, exploiting the collapse of the Ottoman Empire during World War 1, Abdul-Aziz invaded the vast Eastern region of Arabia and after bloody wars with its majority Shi’a Muslim population, occupied it, on the promise of returning it to them after some three decades. The promise was never kept, and after huge oil reserves were discovered in this region, the Saudis have continued to severely persecute and hold in thralldom this predominantly Shi’a Muslim land.
Meanwhile, in 1925 Abdul-Aziz occupied the Land of Revelation, Hijaz, by desecrating the sanctity of the holy cities of Mecca and Medina, where he destroyed the tombs of the Imams of the Ahl al-Bayt and killed tens of thousands of Muslims, even in the precincts of the sacred Ka’ba and the shrine of Prophet Muhammad (SAWA).
For his crimes against Islam and humanity he was gifted by London in 1932 with a spurious state called Saudi Arabia. Two years later in 1934 Abdul-Aziz, with British help, attacked the Zaydi Shi’a Muslim kingdom of Yemen to seize its northern provinces of Najran, Asir and Jizan.
This in brief is the bleak, black and bloody record of the Aal-e Saud which today openly dallies with its Zionist cousins, and dances to the tunes of its masters in Washington, to the extent that US president, Donald Trump, who is fond of frequently humiliating the milk cow called Salman, publicly said it is easier to get hundreds of millions of dollars through a threatening phone call to the king in Riyadh than collecting the rent of his New York properties from tenants.
The Saudis very know that they sooner or later, perhaps with a change in US policy or the decline of American power in West Asia, their illegitimate rule over Arabia will evaporate, since the people, whether Sunni or Shi’a Muslim, intensely hate the Najdis for their crimes.
For this reason, the Saudis are squandering the looted oil wealth of the Shi’a Muslims of the Eastern Region, in suppressing their aspirations for independence, in funding takfiri terrorists to destabilize Muslim countries, in bombing the people of Yemen, in repressing the Bahraini people, in creating divisions in Iraq, in stirring up sedition in Syria, in weakening the government of Lebanon, in betraying the cause of Palestine and Islam’s first qibla (Bayt al-Moqaddas), in strengthening the military dictatorship in Egypt, in fanning the flames of civil war in Libya, in pouring poisonous propaganda against the Islamic Republic of Iran, and in filling the coffers of their masters in London and Washington through billions of dollars of arms purchases – in order to advance the interests of the West and Israel in the World of Islam.

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