Saturday 25 May 2019
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Publish Date: 13 March 2019 - 21:48

WEST BANK (Dispatches) – Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed that occupying regime has developed ties with 6 states in the region despite their animosity towards the regime over the past decades.
"We are doing this with large parts of the Arab and Muslim world through an accelerated process of normalization […] These days Israel is making contact with half a dozen important Arab and Muslim nations, which were, until recently, hostile to Israel", he said, speaking at a memorial ceremony for former Zionist prime minister Levi Eshkol,
The Zionist prime minister further stated that neighboring states will only achieve peace with the regime after it convinces them "that our power and presence here are certain facts". However, he admitted that not all countries will go along with this.
"We are advancing that process of recognition and agreement with the rest of our neighbors, not all of them, but with most of them", Netanyahu said.
His statements come amid a recent scandal involving the prime minister refusing to call the occupied territories "a country for all its citizens", noting that under the law it is what he called a "Jewish nation-state”.
Apart from Egypt and Jordan, most Arab and Muslim states in the region do not recognize the occupying regime and deny it the right to exist. However, various media reports suggest Tel Aviv is holding non-official talks with many of these states. Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also previously revealed that the regime had had "contacts" with Saudi Arabia, which he said "have been kept in general secret".
The regime’s strained ties with neighbors in the region are tightly connected with the Zionist-Palestinian conflict, which until now lacks resolution.  

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