Monday 22 July 2019
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Publish Date: 12 January 2019 - 21:47
By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
The illegal Zionist regime’s yet another cowardly missile attack on Damascus after midnight on Friday was again foiled by Syria’s air defence system with all 7 incoming projectiles blasted in midair, thereby proving the growing strength and self-confidence of the government of President Bashar al-Assad in protecting the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.
The latest aggression shows the desperation of Israel as its godfather, the US, begins the end of its illegal military presence in Syria and the Zionist regime’s comrades-in-crimes against the Syrian people, that is, the Persian Gulf Arab potentates which had funded the most macabre terrorists in their futile bid to overthrow President Assad, eat the humble pie and shameless restore diplomatic ties with Damascus.
It is obvious, who is the winner and who are the losers. It is also crystal clear that for the moment the government of Syria, which for the past 8 years resolutely defended the country and defeated the terrorists, will not be provoked into taking a hasty decision against the Zionist regime.
Those following the developments of the past few years realize the gradual strengthening of central authority in Syria and how the government after patiently enduring the frequent violation of its airspace by the Israelis and their targeting of its towns and cities in supported of the terrorists, has now begun to foil in midair the Zionist aggressions.
This tremendous improvement of the air defence system of Syria against a cowardly enemy which with the full support of the US and the ominous silence of the UN, repeatedly targets Syria, is harbinger of the fact that soon Syrian aircraft will have to take to the skies at the earliest indication of any Zionist air activity against the country from any direction in order to thwart the aggression.
Israel, which is trying to brag through one of its dastardly departing generals of having carried out over a thousand attacks on targets in Syria (without specifying), will soon find its military installations exposed to Syria’s budding missile defence and drone technology.
It is only a matter of time, which is fully on the side of Syria and not Israel, which cannot cope with the crude projectiles of the Palestinians of Gaza, let alone the sophisticate missile might of Lebanon’s legendry anti-terrorism movement, the Hezbollah.
To be more precise, time is around the corner when Syria after having proven to the whole world its proverbial patience over all these years, will take the crucial decision to exercise its sovereign right, as per the UN charter, to give a decisive reply to Israeli aggressions by choosing targets of its own in Occupied Palestine.
When this happens, the World Body and the powers that control it, which turn a blind eye to Israel’s frequent violations of Syria’s sovereignty, will make a hue and cry by labelling all sorts of accusations at Damascus – as well as its backers.
Nonetheless, Syria is becoming fully prepared for such a scenario. If Yemen’s defenders have the means and the technology to target with telling effect the Saudi-UAE supported militias, why not Syria whose defensive power is much more advanced.
This explains the nervousness of the US regime and its clients in West Asia and North Africa, which are making feverish attempts to devise new plans against the independent states and popular movements of the region.
They simply cannot succeed in prolonging the precarious of the illegal Zionist regime, which is destined to collapse sooner than later, as the Resistance Front emerges solid and far more stronger after the crisis in Syria to lead the struggle for the liberation of Islam’s first qibal, Bayt al-Moqaddas.

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