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Publish Date: 09 October 2018 - 21:35
By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
When the Saudi regime unmanly martyred prominent religious leader, Sheikh Baqer Nimr an-Nimr in January 2016 and brutally suppressed the popular protests that erupted as a result in the Eastern Region, it reserved for itself a blazing place in the eternal inferno, having entered the fires of hell almost a year earlier in March 2015 with its unprovoked war on Yemen to kill so far over 20,000 Muslim men, women, and children, in addition to the crime of injuring scores of thousands of others, destroying the infrastructure, displacing hundreds of thousands from their homes and hearths, and trapping millions in diseases and famine.
Sadly, these crimes against humanity of the heretical Wahhabi minority cult which governs the family fiefdom created by Britain in 1932, went unpunished in this transient world because of the US-Israeli support for the Saudis and the treason to Islam of most Muslim leaders who thrive on the multi-million dollar grants doled out to them by Riyadh from the looted oil-wealth of the deprived native Shi’a Muslim majority of the once independent Eastern Region.
Emboldened by the ominous silence of the Ummah and the world at large towards its unabated sacrilegious acts of terrorism that neither respect the sovereignty of Muslim countries nor the sanctity of the holy sites in the Wahhabi-occupied Land of Revelation, Hijaz, related to Prophet Muhammad (SAWA), his blessed household, and his companions; the Saudis this time cowardly killed one of their own dissenting journalists and that too on the soil of a foreign country.
The latest murder would have also gone unnoticed and unlamented had Jamal Khashoggi (correct pronunciation "Khashoqchi” or Spoon-Maker in Turkish) been a member of the suppressed Shi’a Muslims of Arabia, or an ordinary Sunni citizen adhering to the officially banned schools of Hanafi, Shafe’i, Maleki and Hanbali jurisprudence.
Since the victim was a ‘political’ Wahhabi of a prominent family of Turkish descent (his grandfather Mohammad Khaled Khashoqchi was personal physician to Abdul-Aziz the desert brigand of Jewish origin from Najd for whom London had created the artificial entity Saudi Arabia), having close cooperation with the regime in intelligence and security matters before falling out last year with the current clique and settling in the US where he acquired American nationality and wrote for the leading daily ‘Washington Post’, the gates of hell in this mortal world are being opened upon senile King Salman ibn Abdul-Aziz, or more properly on his self-imposed Heir Apparent Mohamed bin Salman (MBS) – the power behind the throne.
From Washington to the capitals of Western Europe, the press and the political leaders, including the American president and his Secretary of State, are openly calling for clarification from Riyadh whether Khashoggi has actually been killed as reported or being detained for his regular criticism of the destructive policies of MBS including the war in Yemen and the suppression of freedom at home.
In Ankara, President Rajab Tayyeb Erdoghan of Turkey, has assumed personal charge for probing the case of Jamal Khashoggi who on October 2 stepped into the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in full view of CCTV, only to disappear in thin air. The claims of the consulate that the journalist left shortly were disproved by the CCTV which have recorded the sudden appearance of some 15 tough looking Saudi guys into the consulate later that day and their departure with large boxes on the same day for the international airport for flight back to Riyadh.
Speculations are rife that Khashoggi, whose fiancé waited for long hours in frustration outside the consulate before notifying the police of his failure to come out, was murdered and his dismembered body removed in boxes.   
Since October 3, the Turkish foreign ministry has several times summoned the Saudi ambassador several times to demand explanation, but has not received any convincing answers. The Turkish judiciary has authorized the search of the Saudi consulate, along with forensic experts to determine what actually happened.
The report will certainly be embarrassing for the Saudi regime, whose de facto head, MBS, continues to issue ever-changing statements, oblivious of the fact that he is axing his own feet.
Khashoggi seems to have become the latest victim of Riyadh’s witch-hunt against ‘dissident’ voices. This is what happens when insiders, especially those involved in intelligence and security matters, disavow the regime.
The question that arises is: Should Khashoggi’s disappearance matter in the face of the broad violence, abuse and altogether oppression Saudi Arabia continues to commit?
The answer is obvious. It indicates the unraveling of a system now focused on eating its own out of fear of being ousted. The situation is dangerous and all indicators point to serious erosion of regime legitimacy that will certainly lead to an implosion from within.
The Turks have long seen the Saudis as upstarts unworthy of political legitimacy. Moreover, Riyadh has already annoyed Ankara through its irrational policies of blockading Qatar, and using General Abdul-Fattah as-Sisi to discredit the Muslim Brotherhood and overthrow the elected government of President Mohammad Morsi.
It means MBS now stands alone as the regime appears to be on a course of free fall, with even friends in the White House seeing him as a dangerous liability and no longer a strategic partner. In other words, Washington may have no other choice but to dump MBS.

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