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Publish Date: 10 September 2018 - 21:26

By: S. Nawabzadeh

September 11 has again dawned to remind us of so far the Biggest Lie of the 21st century around which the official narratives of the successive US Administration have revolved for the past 17 years in an attempt to mislead the American public and the gullible around the world whose minds are held hostage by the Zionist-controlled western media.
Recently, the U.S. monthly Reader’s Digest carried an article titled: "10 Myths About the U.S. Constitution Most Americans Believe.”
Among the myths of the U.S. Constitution listed by the prestigious journal were "All Men Are Equal”, and "The United States of America is a Democracy”.
It discussed and dismissed these two and other myths. The writer sought to prove that neither all citizens (let alone all men) are equal in the eyes of the various U.S. government departments nor the U.S.A. is a functioning democracy.
This is clear by the violation of human rights both at home and abroad by the U.S. Administration, the genocide to exterminate the native Amerindians, the discrimination against the Black and Hispanic people, censorship of the press to suppress facts but spread fake news, the entire process of elections that normally propel to power idiotic and dangerous persons like Bush Junior and Donald Trump, the support for dictatorial, tyrannical and unelected regimes around the world, the coups, wars, and sanctions to undermine and overthrow democratic systems of other countries, and so on.
To these glaring examples of hypocrisy and diabolism of the U.S. government should be added the Biggest Lie of the 21st century, that is, terrorists living in a remote corner of a backward country sent technology-savvy agents to Boston to hijack aircraft and ram them in New York’s landmark 110-storied Twin-Tower World Trade Center on September 11.
Nothing could be far from the truth, as investigative journalists and respected researchers in the West – not to mention the 9/11 Truthers in the U.S. – have proved to be an inside job, done by the F.B.I. in collaboration with Israel’s Mossad.
It means, the official narrative of hitherto unidentified Arab hijackers, as well as the 3000 people killed as the twin towers collapsed, is nothing but a preposterous lie.
Facts have since emerged that in addition to the several hundred American Jews who did not turn up for work at the World Trade Center on Monday September 11 (not a Sabbath Day) and the abrupt cancellation of the official visit to the U.S. by Zionist premier Ariel Sharon (the Butcher of Baghdad who was eventually struck by divine wrath and died a painful death years later), so far only 1,642 persons have been identified and confirmed as killed on that particular day. In other words, figure of 3,000 dead is a conjecture.
If analysts note that the WTC affair was pre-planned to provide a pretext for the U.S. to invade and occupy Afghanistan – one of the weakest but strategically placed Muslim countries – scientists point out that the way the huge building collapsed on its foundations indicated implosion and controlled demolition from within that was timed with the two unmanned small aircraft that simply flew through.
If the collapse was the result of the impact of the aircraft or explosives on board to blow the building, then the towers should have fallen in the opposite direction with the debris covering a wide area. But quite remarkably, the adjoining buildings didn’t suffer.
Moreover, of the security and relief personnel deployed to rescue survivors, hundreds have died over the past 17 years and all struck by lung cancer, which means dangerous toxics were used by the destroyers in the basement of the WTC.
Truth cannot be suppressed for long. Neither the factors behind the WTC collapse nor the creation of the Takfiri terrorists by the U.S. in collaboration with Saudi Arabia and the illegal Zionist entity.
Whatever theatrics Donald Trump and his team of psychopaths may try, they cannot escape realities and the fate Divine Providence has decreed for such hoodlums, who lie glibly and are total strangers to truth.
Only the naïve and the knaves who are traitors to their own homelands belief in the official U.S. version, which is indeed the myth of the century – as the holocaust was of the previous century.

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