Tuesday 21 May 2019
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Publish Date: 10 July 2018 - 21:41

By: Kayhan International Staff Writer

It is the height of hypocrisy for the UN and the western countries to turn a blind eye to the frequent violation of Syria’s sovereignty by the illegal Zionist entity through targeting of military/industrial installations.
What, if it was the other way, with Syrian jets swooping over the occupied Golan Heights to bomb the Israelis who are in illegal possession of Syria’s soil since 1967!
From the Europeans to the Americans, along with their clients in the Third World, and of course, the UN, all in a single voice, would have denounced the government in Damascus as ‘terrorist’ and called for sanctions, if not joint military action against it. Sympathies would be pouring in for the dead or injured Zionist criminals.
Since Syria and the Syrian people are the victims, there are not even no such sympathies for them, but the Israeli attacks are being justified as necessary for the security of the Zionist entity.
For how long such double standards will continue? Aren’t the people of Syria humans? Doesn’t Syria has the right to protect its sovereignty? Is the government of Damascus not entitle to take retaliatory action against Israel state terrorism?
The latest Zionist air raid on the T-4 airbase near Homs last Monday, though it did not result in any casualty, thanks to the vigilance of Syria’s air defence system that blasted in midair many of the Israeli missiles, it once again proved that every time the Syrian army makes gains in liberating parts of its terrorist-occupied areas, Tel Aviv vents its frustration by insolently attacking Syria, with full knowledge that its aggression will never be condemned, not even by the Arab regimes, and moreover will not face retaliation from a country still struggling to liberate its soil from the heavily terrorist groups.
The Syrian national army, having cleared the areas adjoining Jordan of the various terrorist outfits, has now fully set its eyes on eradicating these criminals from the Golan, which has unnerved the Israelis and the Americans, because this will bring the Zionist-occupied areas of Syria’s Golan within range of the Syrian artillery.
This is the reason, the US and the Zionists, with the full backing of the Arab reactionary regimes, are indulging in state terrorism in Syria, more frequently, following the failure of the Takfiri terrorists to topple the government of President Bashar al-Assad.
This explains for the latest threats of "harsh response” by officials of the Zionist entity to any attempt by the Syrian government troops and their allied fighters, who are continuously advancing towards terrorist-occupied areas in southern Syria on the Golan Heights.   
The liberation of almost the entire Dara’a Province by the Syria army and its steady march to take control of the adjoining provinces of Quneitra and Suwaida from the terrorists, is making Israel experience nightmares – the more so, since fighters of the legendry anti-terrorist movement, the Hezbollah, are providing excellent support for the Syrian army.
The Zionist entity is afraid that when the whole of Syria is totally freed from the terrorist occupation, the government in Damascus will naturally turn its attention towards the Israeli occupied areas of the Golan Heights.
Whether the Israelis, their Arab cousins, and their American godfathers, like it or not, Syria will indeed retaliate against the state terrorism of the Zionist entity. And when it does neither the so-called ‘Iron Dome’ will be of any use nor the US supplied Patriot missile defence system.
Count your days Israel, the hour is fast approaching. For the moment Syria is exercising self-control against your frequent air raids, but the days are not far when hell will break loose upon you, and no matter what military equipment the US rushes and what monetary aid the reactionary Arab regimes provide, the map of West Asia will be permanently changed by forces of the Resistant Front, which cannot be dislodged from Syria.

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