Thursday 24 January 2019
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Publish Date: 11 June 2018 - 21:40

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

Blood continues to flow freely in West Asia, while the West, which has fueled the crises in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and elsewhere, enjoys peace and progress, with its cities immune from destruction and its citizens spared of the ravages of war.
Yet despite this unprecedented human catastrophe, the forces of resistance are not just holding out against bloodcurdling terrorism – whether by state actors like Saudi Arabia and the UAE in Yemen, or by non-state actors like Daesh, an-Nusra, Ahrar ash-Shaam and the like, in Syria – but have succeeded in turning the tables on the aggressors in most places.
As the government of President Dr. Bashar al-Assad steadily marches forward to retake large chunks of Syria from heavily-armed terrorists funded by reactionary Arab regimes and militarily backed by the US and the illegal Zionist entity, these dastardly elements again violated the truce in Idlib Province in the north by mounting fierce attacks on the besieged towns of al-Foua and Kfarya.
The defenders managed to beat back the attackers, who are being trained and directed by the US forces, which have illegally intruded into Syria and whose main intention in targeting these two peaceful Shi’a Muslim towns is to pressure the government forces against proceeding with the campaign in the south to flush out the terrorists from the Golan Heights and Daraa near the border with Jordan.
This explains the sudden appearance in Saudi Arabia of Jordan’s King Abdullah II for a joint meeting with host King Salman and the rulers of Kuwait and Dubai, apparently for seeking financial aid to end the economic crisis and street protests in Amman, but in reality to train, arm and send more terrorists into Syria.
The refugee camps in Jordan of the deceived 600,000-odd Syrian refugees (the vast majority of whom is willing to return home but is being prevented by the host country on orders from the US), provide a fertile ground for Saudi Arabia and the UAE to fish in troubled waters. In addition to cheap availability of starving but beautiful Syrian refugee girls for the harems of the oil-rich sheikhs, these camps can be potential breeding grounds for Takfiri terrorists for operations inside Syria.  
With Washington’s blessings, Israel is also deeply involved in this reactionary Arab plot, in view of the fact that Syria’s driving out the terrorists from the Golan means, stationing of the Resistance Forces on these strategic heights as a prelude to the liberation of the entire Golan Heights and its southern slopes on the borders of Occupied Palestine, from the Zionist usurpation of the past fifty years.
Now we understand why Lebanon’s legendry anti-terrorist movement, the Hezbollah, was termed terrorist by the US and its Arab client regimes, and why is the West and the Zionist entity crying hoarse over the legal presence of Iranian advisors in Syria at the request of President al-Assad.
The terrorists in Idlib and their godfathers in the seemingly secure cities of America, Europe and Persian Gulf sheikhdoms, think that all agreements that were worked out a couple of years ago, under UN auspices, regarding the Shi’a Muslim enclaves in the north, must be broken without any inhibitions as Donald Trump has shown the way by his shameless withdrawal from the international nuclear accord with the Islamic Republic of Iran.   
Al-Foua and Kfarya represent the last remaining besieged populations in Syria, after the government’s recent liberation of Yarmouk south of Damascus.
The two towns are home to around 9,000 people, the majority of whom are Shi’a Muslims, who have coexisted peacefully for past several centuries with their Sunni brethren of the neighbouring towns and cities, until the arrival of the macabre head-chopping and liver-eating terrorists from abroad to take over the homes of the displaced Syrian Muslims forcibly driven into exile into Turkey.
Therefore, the current situation, though seemingly complex, warrants the government of Damascus to take the necessary steps for defence of al-Foua and Kfraya and the rushing of relief aid, coupled with serious military efforts for not just the liberation of the said towns, but the whole Idlib province including areas under occupation of Turkey and the US.
Peace and progress should be for all the world, including West Asia, and should not be the prerogative of the US and the West, where people have no idea of the sufferings of fellow humans in war ravaged countries.

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