Tuesday 22 January 2019
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Publish Date: 16 May 2018 - 21:25
Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
     It was heartening to hear that North Korea has warned of pulling out from the proposed meeting between its leader, Kim Jong-un, and the quixotic US president, Donald Trump, if the dotard were to demand unilateral nuclear abandonment by Pyongyang.
     North Korea realizes the satanic nature of the US regime, especially its present roguish head who, is not known for any morals, ethical norms and principles.
     Kim, after showing a series of goodwill gestures for the last few months and taking the historic step of crossing the 38th parallel to shake hands with South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in to clasp him in a brotherly embrace as step towards reunification of the unnaturally divided Korean Peninsula, had no other choice but to end talks with Seoul, following the joint military drills conducted by the US and the South which Pyongyang termed "provocative military ruckus”.
     From Pyongyang’s point of view, South Korea seems to be hopelessly trapped in the US net and cannot make decisions on its own otherwise it would not have yielded to the American pressures of staging military exercises.
     At the same time, Kim has realized how untrustworthy the US is, following the shameless breach by Trump of the 7-nation international accord on Iran’s right to peaceful nuclear energy, known as JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) – a move that destroyed whatever credibility was left for Washington.
     We at Kayhan International had given North Korea a brotherly piece of advice a week ago on the notion of talks with the US, by saying:
      "North Korea should now be extra careful in dealing with the US, the words, deeds and written commitments of whose officials cannot and should not, be trusted. Having been deceived once before, during Bill Clinton’s presidency regarding its nuclear projects, Pyongyang ought not to scale down its atomic weapons-building capability, unless Washington practically dismantles part of its own weapons of mass destruction.”
      The simple fact is that, the US, particularly the Trump cannot be trusted, even if this Godless rascal were to swear several times on the Bible.
      Kim should demand concrete actions before meeting Trump for the planned June 12 talks.
    Since North Korea has shown a goodwill gesture by dismantling its underground nuclear weapons testing facility, the US should also do the same and destroy some of its dangerous nuclear testing installations, if it is really serious on talks with Pyongyang.
     Moreover, the US should pull out its occupation forces from South Korea and leave the two Koreas alone for sorting out their differences, without poking its bloodied nose in a region where it has no right to be present.
     Another condition for Kin-Trump talks should be pledge by Washington to withdraw its occupation forces from Japan’s Okinawa as well, a move that will certainly please Tokyo, although it seems shy to demand the pull out.
     If these conditions are met, then talks could ahead, purely on bilateral trade issues and industrial cooperation, but not on matter concerning the goal of Korean unification or issues pertaining to East Asia, where the US is an undesirable element.

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