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Publish Date: 15 April 2018 - 22:05

TEHRAN (Dispatches)-More than 800 foreign filmmakers have submitted their works to participate at the 9th edition of the Simorgh International Festival in Tehran.
The films’ categories include animation, short film and fiction each depicting the signs of health in individual and public lives in a world without limitation. The works focus on portraying this phenomenon in their arts beautifully and the selection committee of the event soon starts reviewing them to pick the bests.
The festival is comprised of five categories, namely theater, film, visual arts, literature and music.
So far, there is no announcement by the festival organizers for theatrical, visual arts, literal and musical submissions.
The film category only accepts films created by university students on the theme of ‘Culture of Health’ in two sections of short films and animations.
Organized by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, the festival brings together students from across the globe and provides them the opportunity to share their interests and concerns about health issues.
The festival is named Simorgh after the legendary bird in Iranian mythology which is the symbol of medicine in Iran.
The 9th edition of the Simorgh International Festival is rescheduled for May 3-10, 2018, in Tehran.

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