Wednesday 20 March 2019
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Publish Date: 14 April 2018 - 21:31
By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
Donald Trump is not just a coward to its very core, but an unmanly one, as he admitted through his dastardly action in the early hours of Saturday which happened to be the 27th of Rajab, whose eve Muslims all over the world, including Syria, spend in prayers and supplications to the Almighty, as thanksgiving for the universal message of Islam entrusted to Prophet Muhammad (SAWA).
Joined by jackals from France and Britain, he pounced upon the Syrian people, knowing that a nation fresh but fatigued from its recent victories over terrorists backed by the West, the Arab reactionary regimes and the Zionists, does not have the firepower to retaliate the barrage of missiles that he rained down upon civilian centres and industrial installations.
The rascal, who would not dare to fire any missile on North Korea, which has the power to reduce American cities to ashes, has again erred if he thinks his state terrorism would browbeat the people and government of Syria
Trump is the very incarnation of the devil. A liar, swindler, an adulterer, and now a murderous maniac, his sins in society and his crimes against humanity, has booked him the most infernal spot in the eternal fires of hell.
In the meantime, Syria, which succeeded in shooting down most of the missiles fired by American, British and French ships in the Mediterranean, has made it clear that these acts of state terrorism will not go unpunished.
True, Syria does not have the ballistic and cruise missiles to create fireworks in Paris, Orleans, London, Washington, New York and other cities of Europe and North America, but there are a variety of ways for the legal government of Syria to respond in a manly way to such unmanly acts.
Syria has the right to acquire state-of-the-art military technology for its defence in order to deter its enemies from such cowardly actions in the future, and its friends will surely help.
Syrian forces are also capable of staging attacks to liberate Raqqa and other parts of their homeland currently under American occupation.
Dead and captured US soldiers will make a world of difference on American public opinion, while the position of France and Britain is even weaker in this regard.
Meanwhile, the reactionary Arab regimes, which have endorsed American state terrorism against Syria, following the decisive defeat of the terrorists they had sent to that country, have exposed themselves to be traitors to Islam and dyed-in-the- wool servants of the Americans and the Zionists.


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