Thursday 13 December 2018
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Publish Date: 11 March 2018 - 21:27

Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer
     What should one expect when the Dotard shakes hand with the Rocket Man?
     This is a million dollar question doing rounds in international political circles following US President Donald Trump’s acceptance of an offer for direct talks with North Korea’s Leader Kim Jong Un that has surprised even his own cabinet especially Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and War Secretary "mad dog” Jim Mattis.
     In contrast to the uncertain atmosphere in Washington whether or not it was yet another quixotic decision by a man who until recently was hurling the most choicest expletives in an undiplomatic manner at the North Korean Leader, the mood in Pyongyang is of a wise move on the east Asian chessboard.
     It is clear that Kim, after responding to every threat from the White House with a more powerful and longer range missile that could cause havoc in US cities, has trumped Trump, with his deft diplomatic moves.
     First, he outwitted Washington by artfully thawing the US imposed freeze at the 38th Parallel by sending athletes to the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, with his sister Kim Yo Jong leading the charm offensive of a message of unification of the two Koreas that certainly had the desired effect on South Korean President, Moon Jae-in, to the horror of US Vice President Mike Pence who had come for the opening ceremony.
      Then Kim and Moon agreed to field a united Korean team of women’s ice hockey team, and to the chagrin of the US, athletes from the North and South marched under one flag – the flag of unification.
     The South Korean press and the people widely welcomed these developments, while American officials, sensing the end of their pretext to continue military presence in the region for stoking tensions with North Korea, resorted to all sorts of nonsensical talks about Kim’s intentions that fortunately did not have any buyers in Pyongyang.
      Having firsthand experience of both US hegemony and hypocrisy, President Moon felt that the dispute with North Korea was after all a trivial family affair blown out of proportion. In other words, he was convinced of the sincerity of Leader Kim for working towards unification that benefits both the unnaturally divided sides – one an industrial-commercial power, and the other a military power.
     Thus, it was only a matter of time for the next calculated move by Kim, whose proposal for direct talks with Trump, put the US president in such a tight spot that he sensed that any refusal of the offer will definitely make all Americans sure that he was a dotard.
     It will be interesting to watch the unfolding developments. US officials are not known for their faith and honour to live up to their words, promises, pacts, treaties and commitments – starting with the native Amerindians they wiped out till the recent about turn on the international nuclear accord with Iran.
     Kim, it seems, is fully aware of these facts and may have already prepared himself for decisive confrontation of any deceit or treachery on the part of the unprincipled Trump and his equally faithless team of negotiators.
     In view of these facts and in the interests of peace in East Asia, let us hope there won’t be any foul play by Washington.
      And if there is, then the free world, including Iran, would be learning precious lessons regarding the US and its untrustworthy characteristics that require decisive confrontations in the region and the international scene for the sake of humanity.

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