Saturday 19 January 2019
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Publish Date: 02 January 2018 - 21:36

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

The current spat between the US and Pakistan accusing each of other failing to carry out their reciprocal commitments surprises no one, and was expected for quite some time, though it seemed to have surprised the government in Islamabad but not the Pakistani people.
The rascal in the White House called Donald Trump is not a friend of anyone, not even of Washington’s traditional West European allies, let alone the Muslim countries, unless they happen to be superrich and willing to lay their wealth at the feet of Don Quixote.
While the people of Pakistan made a bonfire of the US flag in most cities, the interim government held an emergency session to contemplate a fitting reply to Trump’s latest tweet that Islamabad has given nothing but lies and deceit in exchange for the multibillion dollar aid it has received from Washington.
It is not clear what fitting reply Pakistan plans to give the US, after having put at Uncle Sam’s disposal everything, whether demanded or not, including national sovereignty and territorial integrity as is evident by the drone attacks on border areas from occupied Afghanistan.
Now the increased pressure from the insatiable US which has realized the deep gap between the people and authorities of Pakistan.
An instance in this regard was the statement of Punjab governor, Shehbaz Sharif (brother of deposed premier Nawaz) following his recent visit to Riyadh that Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have blind trust in each other.
Either Sharif is unfamiliar with regional and international politics, or he is trying to appease the Washington’s staunch oil-rich Wahhabi friends who are devout worshippers of Trump and his Zionist allies.
Anyway, Pakistan is an important Islamic country. It has a large skilled and semi-skilled population that is averse to US meddling in their country’s affairs. In other words, Pakistan, which is also close to China, possesses the potential to stand firm to the threats of Washington.
All it needs is to summon the courage and determination to nullify the dirty plots of the US. Once it does, both Pakistan’s regional and international image will improve and its economy, no matter what hurdles the Americans might create.
So far, the response to Trump’s thuggish threats from senior Pakistani officials, including the Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister, has been good, and should make Washington realize that it cannot continue to arm-twist Islamabad now and then.
Once Pakistan realizes that the cause of its political and economic woes is the US, things will begin to change.
What is required is better and stronger coordination between the people and government of Pakistan, which, of course, the US will try to wreck, as it does periodically in Iran by instructing a handful of hooligans to indulge in the most violently criminal acts of looting of public and private property and desecration of Islamic sanctities, but the price is worth paying if a nation is willing to maintain its independence, power and prestige.
We hope for the day when the US and its minions will be kicked out of Pakistan, and then only will Islamabad – free of Wahhabi tentacles as well – emerge as a truly independent country.

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