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Publish Date: 15 July 2017 - 22:28

The crisis created by Washington in East Asia has brought into sharper focus as to who the real culprit is. Is it the dangerously nuclear-armed U.S. or the small state of North Korea, whose few nuclear missiles are only for self-defence and serve as a deterrent to the sinister plots of warmongers?
Although Kim Jong Un, the 35-year old Supreme Leader of North Korea, is half the age of the 71-year old Donald Trump, he is far more experienced politician aware of international relations and regional implications than the quixotic U.S. President who behaves as head of a circus.
Kim, who believes that the Korean Peninsula ought to be united into a one single nation, knows very well that the cause of continued division at the 38th parallel are not the people and government of South Korea, but the mischievous American forces who have no right to be in the region.
This means Pyongyang, which has been deceived by decades of broken promises by the U.S. for facilitating the building of nuclear plants for peaceful use of nuclear energy, has no other choice but to be fully prepared militarily for any wrong move by Washington.
Moreover, North Korea’s test of its latest ICBM that landed successfully in the Sea of Japan, is nothing compared to what the U.S. periodically does by testing more lethal and doomsday nuclear capable missiles in the Pacific Ocean from California’s Vandenberg Air Force Base.
US-imposed extra territorial rules that have no legal value in international relations forbid other countries like North Korea from following rational patterns of self-defence, even in the face of Washington’s growing threats.
When objectively assessed, the nuclear warheads in North Korea’s arsenal might not be more than 20, and all of them smaller than the atomic bombs the U.S. criminally dropped on the unsuspecting Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as a field test to determine the depth of destruction and the lingering radiation in soil and water resources, even though World War II was virtually over with Japanese troops in full retreat from all fronts.
Thus, compared to North Korea’s meagre missiles, the U.S. nuclear arsenal, if Washington is to be believed, contains 4,000 doomsday missiles, with about 1,900 ready to be launched anywhere on the Planet.
The only reason the U.S. does not attack China and Russia is because of their advanced nuclear arsenals with many pointed towards Washington, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, etc. in the event history’s most satanic regime starts a nuclear war.
In view of these factors, Pyongyang cannot allow itself to be a sitting duck for the Americans, especially when the Korean War which the U.S. began on June 27, 1950 and the UN brokered the armistice on July 27, 1953, has not ended, although there are no hostilities.
Both Koreas and their people are for peace and for reunification, but it is the U.S. which is acting as the main obstacle. This was evident, when against the wishes of the South Koreans, the U.S. stationed its provocative THAAD anti-missile weapons, without even bothering to inform the South Korean president, and with mischievous intentions of spying on China and Russia.
In the absence of any initiative from the UN and the world community to check American lawlessness, North Korea and its Leader Kim Jong are not irrational as the U.S. wants the free world to believe. Pyongyang is merely exercising its legitimate right of self-defence against any Yankee adventurism.

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