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Publish Date: 15 February 2016 - 20:55

By: Kayhan Int’l Staff Writer

Though Washington has publicly endorsed the unprovoked war on Syria and continues to play a destructive role in it, it insists it has growing "concerns” about the civilian toll!
This sudden "concern” comes despite the fact that it is the United States that is helping the Saudi-led forces kill large numbers of civilians by launching coordinated airstrikes on residential areas. This concern does not come with any prospect of the US ending its own direct involvement in the war either.
Instead of calling for an immediate ceasefire and encouraging peace talks, for instance, the hypocrites in Washington say Secretary of State John Kerry will soon visit Riyadh to discuss "new strategies” in the open-ended conflict. Clearly, the unnecessary bloodshed has been an economic windfall for the Industrial-Military Complex contractors, who wipe away crocodile tears with one hand and sign weapons contracts with the other.
So far the air strikes have failed to force Yemen into submission. The country is facing a humanitarian disaster. Aid agencies say the air and sea blockade is preventing the country from importing food on which it is wholly reliant. Hospitals are closing because they have no medicine and no fuel for generators.
As a consequence, Yemen has joined countries like Syria, Iraq and Libya that are paralyzed by Saudi-backed terrorism and violence, while the blockade means conditions are worst in the poorest nation in the Middle East.
For all the American diplomatic posturing, the death and destruction rained from above is state-sponsored murder in its most perfect form. Under international law, the Saudi-led psychopaths have no right to drop bombs over Yemen. The air strikes are lawless and unaccountable to the United Nations. Worse yet, the war is compounding rather than diminishing the threat of regional and international terrorism.
Some might say one sure way of addressing this threat is adopting policies that won’t benefit the terrorist groups, or not turning a blind eye to alleged "allies” who aid them. This might sound like common sense, but in practice, Washington’s policies have been something else. They have actually aided and abetted the terrorist groups.
There is just one added piece of information that the world should know: The activities of these bloody religious dogmatists are also being aided by an unholy alliance of Saudi Arabia and Israel.
Riyadh is giving these fanatics lots of money and ammunition because they are religiously kindred and can be used as vehicles for spreading Wahhabi dogma throughout the region. Tel Aviv is aiding them too, because it sees them as preferable to the governments in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Iran.
It’s not a pretty sight. This unqualified endorsement stems from motives for regional domination and more. This grubby hypocrisy and perpetual falsehood is the only vice that cannot be forgiven.

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